Friday, October 11, 2013

Hmmmm, hmmmm


I just typed in my URL and realised my last posting was in May; goodness!. So as i sit in the office reading week 6 course material on Ebusiness Value, it dawned on me that it has been ages since i posted or read anything that was not related to work, school or natural hair.

This is an update of what i am doing now. If it is now, now, then i am just typing away behind my office computer and i am sure our IT department staff can read all this (side whisper: no doubt). So apart from what you all know now (worker, student, naturalista), i am doing my own hair now and have been doing it exclusively for 4-6 months; 6 months, yes. I installed Marley braid (afro kinky synthetic hair) extensions two weeks ago and washed them twice already; once a week. I would post a picture but i just can't get it within me to take it off my phone and attach it. Sorry, maybe another time. For a first time installer of hair extension it was quite a feat since i got a lot of compliments especially from my sister who is the big critic. so that is it for hair. My braids are as long as the picture on the left and sized like the picture on the right but not as many.

The boyfriend is an entrepreneur. :) He has started a business with his sister and i will tell you that for the holidays and other occasions for which you want/need tilapia. I will let you know in the coming weeks how to get fresh, descaled, hygienic and tasty tilapia.

My head of office is retiring!. 1st November is his last day at work. Happy? Sad?

That is all folks. I am not making any promises but maybe my next post will be a month from now?!!!? Maybe


seye said...

And then she's gone again. *eye roll*

ellynam said...

Joining you soon on this natural hear journey! 6 months natural and soon to do the BIG chop.

Aba T said...

@ seye: Please don't roll your eyes. My hiatus will be over soon.

@ ellynam: I have decided to create a Youtube channel on hair. You should check it out. My username is tetekai though i have only two videos out now.