Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thinking, What Ifs

Looking back
Maybe I shouldn't have let you go
I should allowed you talk me into staying
Then again, maybe not.

She watched you
Didn't wait to see the burn
Yet I guess somehow you passed that.

So now after walking on half-baked truths,
Hog-washed lies,
Down-right tales,
She comes right back again
Plagued with the same thoughts that drove her away.

What if she had not hooked up with your friend?
Or you with hers?
If you had given yourselves some space
To think things through.
What if your friends had not pried?
All well-intentioned of course.

Years gone,
Hearts have broken, been broken,
Healed, patched, mended,
You remain the only one she wants
One thing keeps you apart.

The one question that plagues her mind
The matter of beliefs.
What if...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life Is Too short

This is just a little something I wanted to share. It was retweeted by googlejobs today. An ad campaign from Germany captioned  "Life is too short for the wrong job"
Below is the tweet and here is the link to the site.

Today is Elly's birthday. :) The best friend a gal can ever have; selfless and true. HapPy b'DaY, sweet.
(A poem in her present. :) She might share it if you ask; nicely)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weakness & Strength

How easy it is to speak
When positioned in strength.
Hard it would seem
When that strength
Stems from weakness

The day we learn to be vulnerable
We become stronger.

Being hard does not belie strength.
Weakness is not beneath you

Clinging to power
Forgetting weakness.
Hanging on to power
In fear.
How hard is it to be weak when strong?
Or strong when weak?

When I take your ebb of strength,
Your source of weakness
Who will you be?
What will you be?

When your trappings are striped away
Where will you go?
Who will you run to?

When the blinds are removed
And you can see brighter than before
Will sunglasses protect you from the rays?
Will your eyes open to see what is real?

Sparks of greatness
Arise from malleability
Of weakness and strength

International Women's Day

Sunday, March 6, 2011

6th March; Wat Hup?

Ghana is celebrating 54 years of post independence and my nephew, AJ, is 10 years today. Hurray!!!
God bless you, Ghana.
God bless you, AJ (Pancakes next we meet) and I know there is cake with your name written on it. Enjoy.

Okay, so how many know there are three stanzas to Ghana's National Anthem, after all, most people know the words of the first stanza. Below are all the stanzas and in case you want to know the tune go to this link

The Ghanaian National Anthem
God bless our homeland Ghana,
And make our nation great and strong,
Bold to defend forever
The cause of Freedom and of Right.
Fill our hearts with true humility
Make us cherish fearless honesty,
And help us to resist oppressors' rule
With all our will and might forevermore.

Hail to thy name, O Ghana
To thee we make our solemn vow;
Steadfast to build together
A nation strong in Unity;
With our gifts of mind and strength of arm,
Whether night or day, in the midst of storm,
In every need whate'er the call may be,
To serve thee, Ghana, now and evermore.

Raise high the flag of Ghana,
And one with Africa advance;
Black star of hope and honor,
To all who thirst for liberty;
Where the banner of Ghana freely flies,
May the way to freedom truly lie
Arise, arise, O sons of Ghanaland,
And under God march on forevermore.

I will be at the Ghana International Trade Fair at 4pm (GMT) spotting a black t-shirt with this design. Look out for me if you happen to be there. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Pining away
Refusing to acknowledge

Letting go
Age-old roles, prejudices

Woman longs to be held
Be less strong
Man wants to hold
To be known as strong
To keep safe

Wait for the day
When man and woman agree
Not to be equals
Forget who wrought power
All is fair in love and war?

"The more I hear, the more I fear that might lose each other. Can we skip to part when we come to our senses? Before we go, go too far. Love shouldn't be so hard. Can  we open our hearts, drop our defenses? Find where forgiveness starts. Let's stop where we are and stick to the healing part"- Lyrics from Cece Winans' Healing Part