Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Mum- Birth Story 1

Not easy. My little one turned 11 months yesterday and recalling how not so long ago I held his not so tiny body in my arms can get a bit overwhelming. We have been through much as a family; the hubby and I.
I have decided to put down his birth story for him before  I forget.
You were in almost in your 42nd week before my membranes ruptured around 4am on 19th July (it was actually the mucus plug). I immediately woke up your Dad, who, as to be expected wanted me to quickly call Dr Omari and let him know. In my usual calm manner, I told him to be calm and i needed to take a bath first and get something to eat; to which he told me (i am smiling as i type this) there was no time to eat. So i took a shower because i did not want to cause any waves (though i knew that first child delivery usually takes awhile). I was not contracting yet and we called Dr. Omari as we left the house a few minutes to 5am. We finally got hold of him  after we crossed the traffic lights after the Dzorwulu rail-line. We got to Korle-Bu and I got a cervical examination to check for dilation and i had not dilated. I was not feeling any contractions either. The doctor who Dr. Omari had asked to see me while he was on his way was gong to let me go home to Mamprobi and come in later but apparently that was contrary to hospital rules. Dr. Omari then came in and asked in a joking manner what i had done for the doctor to breach hospital rules and ask me to go home instead of me staying for them to observe him. Later, i understood the other doctor's assessment that I may not be ready to go into labour that day and that was quite normal for first time mothers, which i understood .
It was almost noon and i had not eaten and was not feeling hungry even though i called your Auntie MaaT to bring some food and get a bucket and pile for me to use. Dr. Omari had then asked that i be inserted with a third of Cytotec; after two hours i was examined again and this time, the doctor deliberately the membranes and insert another piece of Cytotec. My mind to this day quickly skids on the memory of the pain during the artificial removal of the membranes and that was when your Dad decided to have the anesthesiologist come in.
As at 4pm i was only 4 cm dilated and when the third piece of Cytotec was inserted, we had lodged in the 6th Floor at the Maternity Ward in Korle-bu...