Monday, January 31, 2011

Natural Death

It died a natural death.
Tell anybody who asks,
It died a natural death.
Not by the fiery battery of anger blows,
The incessant clammering of spear-words,
The sting that leaves you low,
Labouring for breath amid a torrent of tears.
It died a natural death.

How could it not,
When it looks at the rise of a new day with anguish,
Rejoicing that the day before was better than the one before that.

It died a natural death,
While you were counting the clouds,
Refusing to acknowledge the light gleaming through.

It died a natural death,
And you compared sunlight with moonshine.

You dug the hole,
Even as you got a tan.

It shunk a mile,
While you dreamt about gold at the end of rainbows.

Deeply buried, it is.
You play the puppet master,
When there is no puppet.
It died awhile back.
And no one ever knew.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Growing Love

I could grow to love you, you know,
If I overlook you pitiful attempts to manipulate,
The constant waving of faults and slights like filthy rags in my face.

I know I said I love you too,
Well, I do, a teensy weensy little bitsy.
I had to say those words to help you along,
You seem to love saying them,
Though they are no longer uttered.
Why? Did I say it wrong?

I could grow to love you, you know.
If I ignore the fact that you don't see to care about your well-being.
Well, why the heck should I?!
You don't care about the concern I show.

Little tests,
Jabbing thrusts,
Watch where you aim, boyo,
You just might get scratched.

I could love you, you know.
Inspite it all

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Are Different Each Time

She discovered herself,
Found you.

In whirlwind throes
Your attempt to sweep her,
Her salient serene persona

Who appreciates blatent speech?
Whose idea of perfection leaves one not in tethers?

The concept, not yours,
Others have tried,
Weaklings, she found them.
You, she bared for.
Same, you did not.
Creator, you are not.

Hinder not what you understand not,
Appreciate the difference.

Compare not past with present,
Each has its turn and place.
Mould not material you don't understand,
Properties you can't begin to comprehend.
If nothing at all;
Understand this
We are different each time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Many Times What!

How many times can you love without losing yourself?
Get brokenhearted, still persist?

Fragments of your mind,
Fragments of your heart,
Floating about in chart-less-maze askew,
Called to order since life goes on

Delve me the future, Muse,
Hide not your tears, Old Faithful,
Did I die or yet live?
Harboring such pain as this?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wait For Love

We should have waited
To see what will unfurl

We should have waited
Just so we can say we did

We should have waited
 For the discipline; you'd say

We should have waited
In obedience to rules then belief

We should have waited
We wouldn't have swept the guilt under the carpet
Behind a facade of coolness

If we had waited
There would be no suspicion

We did not wait
Because we fanned the embers

We would have waited
Except nobody did
Why should we?

We waited
Yes, we did
Despite all

We wait
We are
Anything can happen

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shhhhh! Don't Tell

Remind me not to tell you about actions,
Your stupidity acting out.

So I say, I am aiming for the rainbow,
Then you stole the gold at the end of it.

Undulating emotions unfathomed,
Yours to revel.

Warrior-peace bestowed on you,
Serpent-wise love appealed to.

Come away with me,
Home-safe-stead search.

~As it goes, it comes;
Just one thing I need to do.