Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Curious Moment

Sitting next to this guy in trotro*
I saw something I had only heard about;
A guy with perfectly manicured nails,
And that is not strange,
Except for the shine from the clear nail polish he spotted. 

*trotro: commercial buses used in Ghana.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


You don't say much.
Actions speak better.

With actions you taught me,
The value of work,
Standing up for yourself,
When you back down,
To bid time.

One thing I know,
With a dad like you,
Integrity is my middle name.


You said so many things,
Thought-provoking words
I barely understood.

Now I have grown
In wisdom, in stature.
Your words remain with me.

All I can say,
The world would be a better place
If everyone had a mother like you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hers - First Things First


I had you checked out.
Hired a private investigator,
Background check,
Employee record check,
The works.

Ah! Got you!
Nah, not really.
Not that way.

I did really check you out.

** You really did not think I was going to reveal that! I want your comments on what you check out when you meet guys. Really, because I get so many views from friends about what they see. Of course the physical appearance comes first before the mind starts to tabulate. LOL.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

His - First Things First

I'd like to say you charmed me with...;
I know you want to hear,
...with your mind.

First things first.

I saw you before I met you.
Meandering your way through the crowd of guests,
Those endless looking legs displayed.
Though you had a smile perpetually fixed,
Your eyes told a different story.

I smelled you at at an arm's length.
I wonder why...

Heard your voice in conversation,
Polite tone of no nonsense,
Sweet with a hint of viciousness.
Melodious, enthralling;
Must have led many a man to their doom.

My drink,
On your dress?
Couldn't have planned it better myself.
That indeed was an accident.
Perfect opening.

We spoke.

You captured my mind,
But before all else,
You had my body.

**I laugh as I type the last two lines. It is true, ain't it?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Perspective- Her Version

Long, penetrative;
I saw it coming.
The purpose of your silence.

Random, baseless rows,
Accusations, perceived offenses.

No, late, forgotten rendezvous.
You have no time for me.
Oh, I knew what you were about.

Breaking news.
Don't waste time,
Tell me what is on your mind.

I will just have to call you out on it.
We are over!

***Please forgive me. I was not able to get a gal's point when a guy breaks up with her. It looks like most guys orchestrate a scene for the gal to call for a breakup. Oh! I just got an idea.

Day dreaming,
As usual, about you.
Can't wait tell we meet.

You called,
In the middle of Friday.
"Let's meet at after work."
You are coming over.
I mentally calculate
How long it will take me to get home,
Refresh myself,
Get your favorite things ready.
I can't wait to see you.

I feel good about this.
You said you had something to say.
I know.
I have something to say too.
My head in a swarm.

You are here.
You look good.
I, smiling like a kid with candy.

Unexpected words.
Say what?
A moment,
My heart needs to catch up with my head.
Twirling thought waves,
You want some space; to think us through.
To think us through,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Perspective - His Version

Wild engaging frolics.
Time flees when with her.
For a while, I forget my woes.
The sun rises and sets with her.
She has messed me up for all others.
I delight in our little traverses.

My favorite day;
My day of birth.
She chose that day;
I have stopped wondering why.
I am not 'the one',
That's all she said.

She messed me up for all others.
Every good eatery reminds me of her.
I don't enjoy the sun anymore; it rose and set with her.
Her delightful scent;
Gone with my sense of smell.
My favorite dishes taste different;
They are not from her hands.
Friends come around;
Not the same with her not around.
She really messed me up for all others.
The worse mess of all;
She took away the music.

*** Love has been kind of one-sided lately. I explore both ways: man, woman, emotions. Enjoy.


I said no.
You may be every gal's ideal;
For me,
You are not the dream,
Neither the vision.
You may be the nothingness in my sleep,
Or the nightmare in my waking moments.
I won't settle for that.
I say no!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Give and Take

Give, give, give,
Until you are left with nothing more.
Take, take, take,
Until you have consumed all.

Monday, July 5, 2010


He said all the right words.
Did all the right things.
She threw caution to the wind;
Melted like butter out in the sun.
He had her hanging on to morsels of words
Dripping from his lips;
Each drop brings a yearning for more.
The words she itches to hear are never uttered.
She learns from him the strangest of things.
He was hers; her very own muse.
It never occurred to her to ask;
Indeed whether he was truly all hers;
Not until SHE came.
He ruined everything.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life Formula

Doing things the usual way
Brings known, repetitive, successful results.
This holds true for most things.
Consistency is the name;
Tried and tested is the ad campaign.
Measurable, quantifiable.
Add the element of chance and the game changes.
Sure, it is good to stick with a winning formula.
This only works in a lab.
Try the lab of life; experiment on repetitive, successful outcomes.
Oh, don't forget to add the elements of risk and chance.
See how your life formula turns out.
Risk and chance: Erratic, and never defined,
Of no fixed value, yet must be ever present in your equation.
Get a tried, tested and true formula for life,
And get back to me.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take a Moment

Take a deep breath,
Pause momentarily,
The first thought is not always right.
Consider the opposite,
The in-betweens,

The fact that you are never wrong
Does not mean you are not wrong.
So prepare yourself to be amazed.
You are wrong.
And that is all there is.

*  13 DAYS
I support 1GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL