Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shopping 4 A Dictator

                                             I want a dictator for my country
Oh come on, dictatorship is not that bad
(if you elect the right 'dictator')
Someone who is willing to rule for one term only
(one term is all that is required)
It is guaranteed that majority will not want a second term for that person.

I want a dictator for my country
One who has integrity and is willing to let heads roll (not literally!)
When things are not done the way they should
Such a person must be surrounded by like-minded people
A dictator who can manage my people well without stretching the truth too much
(I know I am asking to be lied to but isn't lying part of the game of politics? Name one truthful politician)

Should you be willing to be elected
Know this,
I am not shopping for a saint (they are of the limited variety)
The head I am searching for must be willing to carry grey hairs,
Use an almost military style of rule,
Be willing to bear
Insults that fly from all corners,
Satire of sayings
Caricatured images
Almost-successful-assassination attempts,
Coup d'tats will be stumped
Your family will not be spared.
Nepotism will not be tolerated

One who will implement feasible ideas with the long haul in mind
One who says and no one dare counters
Cos I thought about this and came to this,
Dictatorship will be good for my country; for awhile anyway.
National service will consist of six months military training
To instill discipline in everyone.
Then six months industrial internship.
See what that will accomplish
I know one such person who would have made a fine dictator
Alas! he is dead
Before he died he did much for my country
Yet in exile he dead.
Should you be willing to take on this role
Know that such death is what awaits you.
This is not for the faint-of-heart.
Any takers?

NB: So which one did we finally settle on, Founder's Day or Founders' Day?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wise One

You mustn't call your leaders stupid
After all they went to all these fancy schools
Got all the attaches to their names
In order not to be stupid

What about you,
O wise one
Who has all the knowledge there is
Yet choose to butt-sit on
Furthered cushions softer than a babe's bottom
Oh, did I forget to say,
We have done all the criticizing there is
No one is listening
We are talking way too much

O wise one
I wish you were at the helm of affairs
I am sure our kids will have no need for school
Just like the olden times
Our life will be a forever case study for them to emulate
And since the devil finds work for the idle hands,
We will bestow hectares of land upon their wily bodies
To amass food that will feed the whole populace
Best of all we will grant free everything to all
With come-hither

When they call you stupid fool
Call me
I will hold your hand