Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yin & Yang

Another June 21st and I am alive and kicking. THANK YOU LORD!
I turned 27 today; still haven't gotten around to learning how to drive. The excuse is when I had the time, I had no money and now that I have the money, I have no time. Ironic!
Extremely high point of the last year; I have a job; Hurrah!
Low point: Are you there God\? It's me, Tetekai.

Furthest of my mind the thought of you play
Warmest of my heart love of you incinerate
Clutching arms wrap in tight embrace
Swiftest feet swing me on dance

Spin a yin
Add a yang

Songstress alive
Music arise
Make laughter abound


Saturday, June 18, 2011

This is My Country

Moving through the streets
Accra Poly to Arena
On stark cold pavement
Infront of padlocked barricaded stores
A neat line of bodies wrapped in cloth
Thin sheath cloths providing little protection
Against malaria mosquitoes, blight cold air

this is my country

I am reminded of times of old
Scurrying to Post Office
Across Makola School of Law, groups of young men
Wafting through noses, wisp strains of smoke of hemp
With mouths as incinerators

This is my country

Today I saw an arm wrapped protectively around a small form
That arm conveyed peace, safety

This is my country

A man sleeps on a 'trock' (pronounced the Ga way) in-front of a shop
Sleep man, you know not what tomorrow brings.
Take heart man; sleep

This is My Country

Rain, be at bay tonight
Mensima knows not where mama is
Wofa K came for mama again
Maybe she will come tomorrow
And not two days late like last time


Holding a wake?
For the dead?
Forget not the living
Hold a wake for us
Then hold wakes no more