Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here we go again.
My air is being invaded.

Usually moving about on two stands,
Two arms to swing with,
Likes to use one to hold on to a log of fire.
Huffing and puffing away.
A thin, curling fog comes out.
Unpleasant forced infusions in my air.

Modern versions of chimneys, they are.
Human chimneys, they remain.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Curious Moment

I sat next to a young guy in a vehicle to Kaneshie yesterday.
There was nothing remarkable about his appearance.
He had one thing going on;
He was smoking a flower.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kisses and Losses

A Facebook status update of a friend read: In order to get to your Prince Charming, you have to kiss a lot of toads.
My response:

There seems to a certain structure when it comes to princes;
They deem it necessary to don disguises.
For odd, unfathomable reasons,
The skin of a toad is preferred.
If you are really a prince, why hide in a toad's skin?
And of all the creatures in the world, why choose to be a toad?
The Frog-Prince started this trend, I believe.
Then Beauty came with her Beast.
Damsels had to loss stuff in order to catch the Prince's attention.
Cinderella lost her gleaming glass slipper,
Into a deep trance, Sleeping Beauty fell,
Rapunzel became a baldy,
And Little Mermaid lost her magnificent tail.
Delving in.
Can we just skip the kissing of toads?
And losing property or bodily parts?
Get right to the Charming Prince?

* 7 DAYS
I support 1GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Extortion in the name of Recruitment

Yesterday, I received a call to come for an interview for Information Technology teachers at a basic school. The person who called asked me to bring along a hard copy of my CV, two passport pictures and an amount of GHc10 for registration. Ah? What? Repeat the requirements please.

  • CV
  • Two passport pictures
  • GHc10
Spintex, Community 18 was the venue at 8am on the 24th of June 2010. As a matter of principle, I don't give money in order to be offered a job. Hello... I only pay for courses or programs that I want to attend. The advertisement asked for Information Technology teachers for a basic school, not people who are interested in accessing the service of a recruitment firm. From what I have heard of recruitment firms in Ghana, I am not sure I want to subscribe to one in my job search (at least not till I get some basic facts right). Some firms charge as much as 30% to 50% of the salary you get when they are able to secure a job for you (I hear); either part-time or full-time for a duration of three months or more.

So I told the gentleman who called me that I can't make it. "Is it on account of the money?", he asked. I told him it was a matter of principle and I don't think it was right to take money under the pretense of a job vacancy.  
What say you?

Why I Don't Believe

What happened is just an addition to your already existing list of Whys;
So he is content to let you be.
This episode is one more reason to add to your Is;
And become selfish.
Getting up after each failure;
Failing again, and again;
Another thing to add to your Don’ts.
Each time loved ones degrade you,
Companions dessert you,
Opportunity closes its door to you;
It is just one more reason not to Believe.
Armed with your list of Why I Don’t Believe,
You live this life;
With your lukewarm attitude towards your faith,
The devil is content to let you be,
Because you are already his.

* 6 DAYS
 I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Mama Said Not To Play With

Orange, red flakes,
Sparkling bright,
Up, up, up,
So beautiful,
It calls to me,
My inmost being.

I know.
It calls to me,
My inmost being,
It's so pretty.
Mystical; even,
A touch, just a feel,
It calls to me.
I draw close,
I touch!

It burns...

*Inspired by the lyrics of a highlife song from Ghana. I think the group was Osibisa; I am not too sure about that. The lyrics I remember goes like:
 When you were a babe, your mama told you not to play with fire, aaaahh.
 (Fire will burn you, don't you play with fire, fire will burn you, didn't your mama tell you)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Mile

As the seasons turn, may your core values remain constant,
As time goes by, may you never loss sight of the One to whom you owe the most,
Desires, dreams, needs, wants,
They change.
Don't ever let disappointments influence your focus.
The mountain is big,
Your pickaxe is small,
Keep chipping away, a bit at a time
That is your purpose.
Do not faint; do not loss guard,
The road seems long and weary,
Keep at it.
Whatever your hands find doing,
Do it as if for God, not man.
HaPpY BiRThdaY, dear me.

Today is my birthday. So another year has gone by and I did not get around to learning how to drive. Still on the frame of things to do before the next milestone; learn how to drive. Oh, my age? I turned 26 today. Guess I should start searching for greys. I like grey hair. I will tell you when I discover one. Happy Birthday to me and God's purpose for me be accomplished by me before I expire. Amen.

* 3 DAYS
 I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Face Value

For someone who likes to look beneath the obvious, it is refreshing to believe something for what it is and not look beyond that. Straight forward; no curve or bend. So here goes a list of things I can look at, believe and not look for hidden meanings.

  • The Trinity (God, the Father; God, the Son; God, the Holy Spirit.)
  • Someone who tells the truth; always.
  • Creativity in any form.
It is a really short list. Long lists tend to loss their essence for me after a while.
HaPpY DaDdy's DaY to my Dad.

* 2 DAYS
 I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sparkles In My Eyes

They say I get sparkles in my eyes when I mention your name.
Yes, your name.
That is only on the outside.
Inside, I feel happiness.
Everything has come together
If I am deliriously happy when I mention your name,
What do you feel when you mention mine?

Enjoy your weekend and I can say this because I actually have a weekend now. Hurray!!!
I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bare Yourself

Most people talk about it but dare not do it.
The baring of the self; plain old honesty; truth.
Why do you feel it is due you, but you don't owe it to me?
Why should I bare myself to you?
Tell you the truth about me, my feelings, my failings,
And not demand same of you?
The vulnerability you feel, I feel too,
The defenselessness of the moment,
I am caught in it too.
The fear of being forsaken when you bare yourself?,
I have that fear.
Let's be afraid together,
Be defenseless together,
Be vulnerable with each other.
It is a risk we must take,
In living, caring, loving relations.

I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When Our Words Come Back

It was all bottled up, inside,
Trying to find a way to tell you,
Yet afraid to. 

The Calm:
Like the calm before the storm
Everything you did, no matter how annoying,
Never aroused anger.

The Storm:
It started like any other day;
Breakfast, a morning kiss,
An issue; can't remember what, in the car.
A flood,
Of words, accusations, allegations,
Overflowing the boundaries.
Overtaking the shoreline,
The damage is done.
Can't take back what is uttered.

In your eyes.
Every time.
I am sorry doesn't change what has been said.
In my heart.
My mind recalls the words I hurled at you,
Those hate-filled, senseless words,
They haunt me,
Every time,
Especially when I see your eyes,
Pain, hurt, confusion,
They reside there.

In hurting you, I hurt myself.
When you are in pain, I feel it too.
I don't want to be the cause of your pain.

I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Haven't Danced

I haven't danced in a long time. Yep. I do not visit dance clubs, so my dance hall is my room. I haven't danced in a long time; I have had this thought running through my head for the longest time and it is usually accompanied by the memory of a dance session in my hostel, during my university days, featuring yours truly shaking herself like nobody's business to sounds from a mixed CD of dance gospel. This memory is then followed by the pain of the loss of that CD by my BFF (I knew I wouldn't get it back. Why did I give it to her? FYI, If you don't hear from me soon after this post, then my BFF probably took action on me. LOL. Just kidding!).

Hey so back to, I haven't danced in a long time. I did not make that mixed CD, there, you deduced right, so I cannot get the same thing again. The guy I got it from is now MIA (missing in action). So for six years I have not danced the way I did to that CD. I miss me in those days.

I have decided to take action. I am going to make a playlist of the songs I liked on that CD and make a few additions. I am definitely going to have Donnie McClurkin's Caribbean Medley, Yolanda Adams' Fragile Heart and more (slower songs for the end of the selection). I will update you on the list when I get the songs. Do you have any suggestions on any dance gospel I can add to the collection? Will appreciate it a lot.

I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mini Mes

The World Will Be A Much Better Place If Everyone Was A Mini Me.
(Pause for dramatic effect. Let it sink in)
We do think that sometimes. (If you don't, I do)
If everyone was a mini version of me, there will be no trouble.
(So you think)
But with everyone being a mini me,
I wouldn't appreciate Joyce for her thoughtfulness,
Armah for his thoroughness and diligence,
Ato for his dedication,
Nana Ama for her dark horse nature (silent note: she is the best person to tell everything to), being a bit like me and her laughter,
Mawuena for her entrepreneurship,
Naa for her down to earth craziness and Naa for her facets,
Elly for her faith and frankness,
Kwesi for his chauvinist attitude,
Sammy for his wisdom,
My sister for her impeccable sense of style and for being herself.
My cousin who will punch you if I tell him you have crossed me; no questions asked.
To those who read my posts and comment and advice

I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Held up,
A light hits you,
Displaying a foray of colours,
The arrays of magnificence,
An infusion of richness unimagined,
It brings up brilliant laminations.

Paired against the light;
I am struck by your extravagant beauty.

Dumbfounded by that one act;
You have captivated my world.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty Beau

Skillfully crafted and carefully molded.
Refined dark chocolate skin,
Strides gracefully stealth;
"Who is your prey?"
Burly arms and sturdy hands,
Broad shoulders, steady trunk of an oak tree,
Determined jawline and defined chin,
Cheek bones rising like ridges,
Trim hedged eyebrows,
Clear eyes sparkling black diamonds,
Perfect symmetrical nose,
Gorgeous full lips, slightly parted invitingly.
"How does it feel inside such magnificent architecture?"
"What do you feel?"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Book a Date to Unhook

We haven't seen each other in a long while;
Keep making excuses as to when we should meet.
It all sounds so rehearsed.
So let's book a date
Since we are both too busy going our separate ways
To bother with each other.
If that date does come on,
It may be our last one as a couple.
Cos clearly this is not working out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chips are Falling in Place

So it is official. I received the acceptance of my resignation today from the human resource manager. Three days before my birthday, I will not be part of the formally employed but I will not be unemployed either. 18th June is my last day. Hurray!!!  The chips have fallen in place. I will be working on a project with a friend and it is all hush, hush. Shooooooooo! (in a whisper). LOL.

I have always suspected I am living my life again
Things happen that I find oddly familiar
It is all coincidence, I tell myself.
Staying on will be familiar
Leaving, uncertain, but right.
I made a decision last week and it felt right to implement it.
The chips were falling in place.
The decision to leave could have turned to a decision to stay
Because my next role would have been bigger than what I perform now
And I will be struck forever (literally)
So though I hate to disappoint you, my sister's friend
I need to go.

So the count down is on: 17 DAYS