Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When Our Words Come Back

It was all bottled up, inside,
Trying to find a way to tell you,
Yet afraid to. 

The Calm:
Like the calm before the storm
Everything you did, no matter how annoying,
Never aroused anger.

The Storm:
It started like any other day;
Breakfast, a morning kiss,
An issue; can't remember what, in the car.
A flood,
Of words, accusations, allegations,
Overflowing the boundaries.
Overtaking the shoreline,
The damage is done.
Can't take back what is uttered.

In your eyes.
Every time.
I am sorry doesn't change what has been said.
In my heart.
My mind recalls the words I hurled at you,
Those hate-filled, senseless words,
They haunt me,
Every time,
Especially when I see your eyes,
Pain, hurt, confusion,
They reside there.

In hurting you, I hurt myself.
When you are in pain, I feel it too.
I don't want to be the cause of your pain.

I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL...


Jaycee said...

Wow. I kinda liked how you used a real storm to write about a stormy relationship. Forgiveness is always key, but the question is would it ever be forgotten? I think not. Words are like eggs, once broken they cannot be recovered.

Shels said...

this is interesting. good job