Thursday, May 17, 2012

Uit Amsterdam, Met Liefde

It's five past eleven here in Amsterdam. Just finished braiding my hair in order to look fly tomorrow for a concert i will be attending later on in the day and just before my good intention of writing a blog post doesn't materialise as has been happening, I decided to let you (my great and patient readers) know my whereabouts.
I am in Amsterdam (first line of post) :), in Damrak to be precise and have been here for almost ten days now. Will be home in GH in a short while (thank God; can't stand the smoke here; (reminder: post about this)). I have been neglecting many things in my life lately; God, scholarship application, my exercise routine (only because I am here), family, this blog. hmmmm
So, just before I drink my warm lemon juice, brush my teeth and skype the bf, this is for you blogsville. I have not forgotten you.