Monday, February 28, 2011

No Apologies

I love you
I make no apologies for that
Love me or not
Not much of a bother
I refuse to be held like a priced gem
Delicate egg I may be
I am weathering fiery frost

Compact and well-done on the inside
Presenting a facade of fragility
Leave her not on my account
Through the bitter and sweet
She has held you
Whereas I would not

Forget my frail heart
Seek it not
Hard-boiled in lava
Braving seasons of life
Brittle-like look serves it well
Making no apologies for love

Friday, February 25, 2011

40 Days And Nights

A day away from you is better than
A bath in the rain.
Forty days
Plus nights of storms.

To be continued...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Seye gave me the Versatile and Stylish Blogger award. Thank you seye. I love receiving awards. :)
 I have a post on my other blog for this award; so here is the link to it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wondering: Behind a Closed Door

Chuckling sounds
Muttered voices
A chair drawn back
(Long drawn silence)
(Significant underpinnings unsaid)

Sign (heavy)

Behind a locked office door!
1 occupant

Monday, February 14, 2011


Don't want to read a poem
Not a love poem
What you can do for me
Love me a bit more each day
On the day everyone seems to have agreed to show love
Love not more on that day
There are some things better left unsaid
But any day Avril says it better for me

I tried to get the official video but it is not accessible in my location, at least that is what Sony Pictures says via youtube. So I got this instead. I am not too sure about the quality; my modem is awfully slow today, but do enjoy; Avril Lavigne with Things I'll Never Say

Monday, February 7, 2011

So Mi Sa'm (Hold my hands)

Telling you things that bother me
Sharing my joys with you
It wasn't to solicit words of wisdom
Nor have you empathize with me
I just wanted you to
So mi sa'm

Me'nko ja m'akyere
(Don't leave me behind)
It is not because I lack shoulders to cry on;
Yours are strong enough,
You are part of my wholeness.
All you ever need to do is to
So mi sa'm

So mi sa'm
Na hwe m'anim
(Face me)
Ke tsereme se'a wo do me
(Tell me you love me)
Se na' meso mi do wo
(As much as I love you)
So mi sa'm
(Hold me hands)

*This is a first for me in one of the languages spoken in Ghana (Fanti). Forgive me if I have mixed it up with Twi, even though Fanti and Twi are Akan dialects. Enjoy MJ and Akon, Hold My Hand video above.