Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sticking to the status quo is way too easy,
I find myself questioning what is the norm.
Really the most absurd of things,
Why are colours named the way they are?
Your mind can get into a frenzy debating
A merry-go-round of,
What if blue is red,
Green is violet or blue , maybe yellow, turquoise, purple, fuchsia?
Switch around the colour wheel.
What is the rainbow?
Light refracted through drops of water in the atmosphere
Coming up as a spectrum of colours,
The arrangement of which is
Magnificent and fascinating since you don't see it often.
Droplets of water passing through a ray of light.
When your mind gets webbed in the normalcy of life,
Change your thought waves,
Defy the pattern,
Do not get into a rant.

Monday, August 30, 2010


I travel an over-trod path,
Bringing to awareness the plight of the less fortunate.
My voice is the silent one
Among the rush of the cacophonous.
Where others shout;
I look on with seeming indifference,
And pour out muffled screams on my bed.

Quite an advocate, I am,
For the miniature things in life.
Picking up the peel of the banana I did not eat;
So you don't slip on it.
Reuse that plastic bag over and over again,
Trying not to print anything, if I can get away with it,
Leave my left-overs for a stray cat or dog,
Correct a child who speaks out of turn.

An advocate, I am
For the minuscule.
I pick my battles,
I fight them.
I win.

Friday, August 27, 2010


True Christian, not church-goer











Open to new things



New groove



All the above

Many more


The items on our checklist of life are numerous. These are, but a few. The checks are deliberate to reflect the diversity of the items; food, clothing, shelter, love, etc. Maslow listed the bare essentials but eventually others creep in. What are some of your needs in life?

*P.S: Vodafone broadband was installed yesterday after my dad went to the office and was told there was a glitch that was why the installation was not done the previous week, like they said. Since I am working most of the time, I cannot use the connection during the peak periods (daytime). So I am giving it a testing period of a month, then I will render my verdict. I had the regional head of operations calling me to inform me about the installation; my dad says it is probably because I threatened to come for a refund. Whatever it is, I got internet at home. Let's see whether this will be a good relation with Vodafone Ghana.

Enjoy your weekend. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Imagine a dance,
Adowa*, if you will;
Maybe ballet, flamenco?
Imagine the carefully orchestrated movements,
Flexing muscles, balanced core, graceful, accentuated.
I can feel it
The dance,
The tune;
You, humming it under-breath,
Guilty; you've judged yourself.
I sense it.
Is your ogre of a boss around?
Are you scared?
Don't equate it to respect.
What did you do?
Own up!
How else will they know,
You are not okay; stark-raving mad.
Say it
Stop walking on eggshells.
Pricking like blunt pins,
Causing hurt without wounds.
Making me uneasy.

*Adowa:- A dance performed by the Akans in Ghana, West Africa.

This has been in drafts for far too long. Do you notice a change in the atmosphere in an office when the person in charge is around and when the person is not? It tells so much on the personality of the person at the place. Someone does something offensive and has already judged his or her action as guilty, but does not admit the offense; the person is not free to be their self when around you because of they are uncertain of what your reaction will be to the offense. There is always this sense of unease that you can't shake off; walking on eggshells, tiptoeing around. I am sure they will jump of their skin should you yell at them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vodafone, Get Your Act Together!

So I finally decided to get a broadband service at home. Last week, I went to the Vodafone office at Accra Central and made payment for the service. I asked when the installation could be done and I was informed I should expect the technicians by the end of the week; payment was made on Tuesday. My dad postpones his trip to our hometown because of this.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and nobody comes. I call the office on Monday, after waiting close to ten minutes on the phone, and I am told my account was still being created; the customer service person said she will call me by the end of the day- end of day; nothing.

I call today and the customer service person who picked up called me by name after hearing my compliant that meant my compliant was logged and yet still I had heard nothing after 24 hours. The gentleman asks me to come around to the office again in order to have it sorted out. (Come on, Vodafone! I took time off to come make the payment; I have logged a compliant; now you want me to hold you to ransom in order to get a modem installed?!!! Aaaaba! Why?). I tell the gentleman that should I step foot in their office, I am coming for a refund, and I so totally mean it. He asks which office I made the payment and proceeds to give me the office numbers. So broadband I want for home, I have to chase you. Okay.

Of course there are options for me to choose form; MTN, Zain, Tigo, and Kasapa. I decided on Vodafone because we already use their land line and their office is closer home, but come on, just coming to install a modem too, so so wahala soooh, why? Today is exactly one week. Let's see what happens when I call their office. Here I am, thinking, Vodafone has taken over Ghana Telecom, and things will get better. Not so!

The good thing in this? - It inspired a post, and there are enough of those around.

Glo- you better come quickly ooo. My dad says he is not changing from Vodafone until you do. As for me, I will drop all my chips for you, sake of you are Africaba and all that. Just don't sell out.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Never-ending silence between events,
I wish I had brought a book along;
Maybe I should have bought a parrot.
Will I be able to concentrate on the plot,
Maybe the parrot would talk?
This place is in darkness.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On Stage

Standing there so confident,
You have your audience spell-bound,
Words dripping like honey; sweet and alluring.
A tiny smile plays across your lips,
Your eyes lit from within.
Immersed in the spirit of your words,
Aroused by the strength of your beliefs.

Who would have thought a moment ago,
You were plagued with anxiety
With trembling hands and knees,
Stomach churning with nerves.
Creased with worry were your brows,
I had to warm your icy hands with mine,
Whisper words of encouragement and comfort to you,
Assure you of greatness,
A wonderful reception,

Website for this image: www.packagingsource.com
Your words heeded.
My pride in you.
Seeing you up there,
So confident,
Happy for you, I am.
Mine no longer,
Gift to the world.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back in the Game

Said I ain't playing it no more,
Seeing you flaunt like a prized peacock,
Dribble like a master tactician
I am compelled
To teach you a lesson or two
Before you were,
I was.
Maestro, back in the game.
Bring it on.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


That's what we set out to be,
That's all you wanted,
All I ever got.

Something has changed,
Since you came back.
You're terse with me,
Our hangouts have lost their luster.
I miss our closeness,
Miss my friend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Gal: I have a friend who only calls me when he needs my help.
One day my phone rings and the word 'unknown' is displayed.

Gal picks up
Gal: Hello
Voice: Hi
Gal: Who's this, please?
Voice: Your boyfriend
Gal: Which of them?
Voice: So you mean you have forgotten your boyfriend.
Gal: There are so many who claim they are. So, which of them are you?
Voice: Aaii, so you don't remember me.
Gal: (now recognizing voice because of whine) It's you ...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mixed Bag, Mixed CD and more

So after one day and a half; medical checks over, all tests concluded, the doctor signs me a clean bill of health and proceeds to add that I have poor taste in music. This assumption is based on the fact that my favourite song is a hymn from the Methodist Hymnal. Last I heard, it's a free country and if my favourite song happens to be a hymn, what is so odd about that? I listen to all kinds and types of music; even in languages I don't understand, it just so happens I love the words of the hymn.
In heavenly love abiding,
no change my heart shall fear.
and safe in such confiding,
for nothing changes here.
the storm may roar without me,
my heart may low be laid,
but God is round about me,
and can I be dismayed?

Wherever he may guide me,
no want shall turn me back.
my Shepherd is beside me,
and nothing can I lack.
his wisdom ever waking,
his sight is never dim.
He knows the way He's taking,
and I will walk with Him

Green pastures are before me,
which yet I have not seen.
Bright skies will soon be over me,
where darkest clouds have been.
My hope I cannot measure,
my path to life is free.
My Savior has my treasure,
and he will walk with me.  
Words: Anna Laetitia Waring, 1850

I love the smell of rain- I love it when it is mixed with that of freshly cut grass- I love it when it falls on dusty ground and it brings up the smell of earth mixed with rain- That said, I repeat, I love the smell of rain.

Someone tell me why it rains when I leave my umbrella at home. Please? I have had my handy brolly in my handbag since the rainy season started and never had a chance to use it- today, I change my handbag and did not bother to take the brolly, then it rains. Have I told you I love the smell of rain?

Remember the mixed CD I am creating? I haven't updated the list in awhile because I have been quite lazy (it would have been so much easier to say I have been busy), plus, I have a whole lot of CD's to listen to since I can't remember the track number of the song I want (mp3s are so much easier, *sign*). I am about to take a load of CD's from friends to listen to and make selections too. Anyone care to do some shortlisting for me? It will be appreciated very much. So that's it on the mixed CD front.

Since I am healthy and all that, I take up a new appointment in October(so great). I just hope my new environment will be nice since I am moving from the private sector to the public sector(civil servant, y'all. :))

Enjoy these pictures of stickers pasted on vehicles.
No need to explain
Originally reads: Be Responsible. Do Not Drink And Drive.Now reads: Be Responsible. Drink and Drive

Friday, August 13, 2010

Take One

You take one,
I take one,
You take one,
I take one...

Just say the word
And my mind goes,
You take one,
I'll take one,
You take one,
I'll take one.

It's never equal.
Just feels even.

In everything,
There's the giver and the taker
So give, till you can give no more,
Take, until you are consumed by all.

We share not equal

The Other Woman II

Don't think I didn't notice.
You watched.
Stared at her.
Your grip on my arm
Momentarily loosened.

I saw the quick flare in your eyes,
Followed by a shadow of disappointment.
Felt you withdraw a bit more,
Never hearing a word I said.

Could have forgiven you,
Might forget,
Ignored the signs even.

You stole a glance.
When she had gone,
You looked back.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The North, East, West, South (NEWS)

Sad; that sums up everything I felt yesterday and reminded me of the reason why I don't listen to the news, if I can help it: people dead from floods in Pakistan, another earthquake in China, a drug-resistant bacteria in India and Pakistan might spread if measures are not taken, indoctrination of Georgians in 'patriotic' camps, the Attorney General in Ghana losing a high profile case involving former government officials, child abuse on the increase in Ghana.

Thinking about this, I realize I did not hear anything good about the world- didn't anyone break a world record?, complete a massive project in record time?, anything? I felt resigned to the fact that everyday I am going to hear about an escalation in conflicts all over the world; a case of one step forward, two steps backward.

Maybe my way of dealing with it all is to bury my head in the sand, as in, not listening to the news, but that is not going to make anything bad go away. I will just be closing my mind to what is taking place around me(my dad is always on me about that). So I will seek solace in this- maybe one day I will hear just good news (I pray), until then I will take the news in small doses.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


What can I say
Without making it sound like pity?

Your eyes are filled with anguish,
Puffy from tears shed all night.

If only I could
Cuddle you in my arms,
Soothe your pain.

Alas, this is your wilderness.
Your experience.
You can brave this.

Be a David.
Your smooth pebble?
Let it be me.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy and Daddy

Mommy is a hustler.
Daddy is a rebel.

Each wants the best for the kids.
Working where they shine,
Playing roles they excel in,
For a secure future,
For the sake of the kids.

So Mommy is a hustler,
And Daddy is a rebel.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Over The Place

It is astonishing
How it is that you find it alright
To be anywhere but here with me.
I find it crazy
Why it is, that I want
You nowhere but here with me.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


You'd find a needle in a haystack
That's what you told her.
Never bothering to find out why.
You said any form of curiosity is kokonsa*
Had you bothered to find out why,
She'd have said-
My mind rages with outcomes,
Probable meanings, twists
In what you say.
I ask because the storms must calm,
Because I could be wrong.
I ask because I can.

*Kokonsa means gossip in the Akan dialect.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I know nothing about you.
You fascinate me.
Draw me out.
Daily, more is revealed of me;
Loves, dreams, desires, wants.
Sorting through my nightmares,
Disappointments, hates, cares.
You know me (not in the Biblical sense)
I know you not.

 This is the end of my first week at work. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Complimenting Guys

When I get bored, I walk- a lot. I don't just walk; I set a target- by enticing myself with the thought of getting that delicious 'twins waakye' at Cocoa board or Daavi's cake bread (when I was Sunyani), 'tatale' at Agbado or just checking out the new shop I saw in my area- I go. Sometimes I drag along a friend, but most of the time, I end up taking the walk alone. I don't get to do much of this anymore since I started working (I know, I haven't blogged about when I got a job. Will that sometime). So I am about to start on my next favourite thing- complimenting strangers- guys, because I am a gal; not other gals (strangers) because most gals are often complimented- in fact, we expect it (okay, I do anyway). I do this because I love the reaction I see on their faces- priceless! Try this at your own peril.

FOR LADIES: Ladies, compliment guys you know also. They will love you the more for it. The compliment should be sincere and true.

This is for guys who read this blog or come across this post; should you be complimented by a stranger (yours truly), PLEASE use this as a guide, I beg. LOL

GUYS: Things to Do
When complimented by a lady, woman, gal (your choice), you:
  1. Give a broad smile or grin. Add a whoopee if you will (just kidding).
  2. Say Thank You when doing the above.
  3. Compliment back (only if it is a sincere compliment), unless you are tongue-tied, stoned (cough, cough) or dead (smile).
  4. Or my favourite; pretend you did not hear my compliment and go. I guarantee that you will be thinking about it; maybe? 
GUYS: Things NOT to Do
Do not:

  1. Look like you have never been complimented before (that might actually be true), but please don't act it.
  2. Attempt to take the compliment as a personal invitation to ask for my number (I will Mace you- just joking!)- I know, you are flattered, blaa, blaa, blaa- Don't ask for her digits.
  3. Follow the complimenter like a puppy- she already has one, is in the process of acquiring one, might acquire one, etc- but you are not that puppy. If you are, she will leave in no doubt about it.
Some of the don'ts have happened to me before. I hope I have adequately prepared you for me. LOL. Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Are Here!

We are playing a game,
You and I.
By mutual consent,
Do not contact me,
But I will you.

I am switching over
Without your say-so.
We are playing a game,
You see.
There are no rules.
Do not contact me,
And I won't you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fancied Cage

Gliding through countless fields,
Lavender-scented ever-green blossoms  of beauty,
Creeping creepers,
Snaking springs.

Leaping geckos,
Vain chameleons.

Gentlest breezes,
Twirling clothes,

Eden-like paradise.
Hides precarious gates,
Housed in unseen tongs.

Golden cage,
Gilded paradise.

Now I know why the caged bird sings.

* No, I am yet to read Maya Angelou's autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. The end seemed appropriate and abrupt enough for what I intended. Thanks for reading and commenting. I have not been posting as regularly as I'd like but hopefully it will end soon. Check out my other blog here. Enjoy.

Virgin Man

You said you were a virgin when you got married
Did you tell anyone that when you were single?

You said you were a virgin when you got married
Why are you telling me?
Is it to score points?
To find out if I am a virgin?
To satisfy your curiosity?

Kudos to you.
Whatever your reason.