Friday, April 30, 2010

As Usual

I did say I was going to finish the presentation I was preparing (you can hear it; here it comes), BUT as I continued more ideas came to mind and now i have close to 45 slides in the presentation. Shee, these people will suffer!!! (Laughingly) Not really. There are some interesting aspects to it, plus, it is in two parts. Of course, the Item 13. I am digging through my old things and unearthing poems and things I wrote in basic school, high school and college. I will be posting those I find that are appropriate to post.
Stay in touch.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Advanced Procrastination

I got up this morning all gingered up for the day. After making sure everything was working as it should, I settled down to finish the slideshow I have to present early next month. Somehow I got sidetracked and I lost my train of thought. Oh my. So I decided to write an article about plastic waste management that will be posted on another blog. I am almost done with that. I guess this means I find the article more interesting than the presentation. Maybe. Or I am stretching out the completion of the presentation because it is something I can use about a hour to finish?, and that is not far from the truth. So tomorrow, I am going to totally focus on the presentation and finish it, like I meant to do today. Fingers crossed. When I am done, I will be in a better frame of mind to finish up with that long overdue documentation I am working on and then hasta la vista.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

That Thing

Took a while
But I finally gathered the courage
To tell you what it is about you
That drives people away
I told you last night

Made sure there was no one around
No one to be witness to any embarrassment
And after some hesitation
I said it
The thing that drives people away

People have remarked on it
And though I do not know you that well
I have been asked by others to have a chat with you
I waited
I thought hard and long
Hoping you will heed my little promptings
But you were blind to it
The thing that drives people away

I told you
I said it last night
You made as if you understood
That you were aware
Of the thing that drives people away

Today is a new day
A change to take place
I thought you understood
I am not the only one who has noticed
It was for your good and everybody's when I told you
About the thing that drives people away

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Mother

Out of me
I sprung you forth
And as a good mother
I nourished you

I slowly churn your excess
Taking it back to myself
I give to you expecting not too much
Respect thats all I ask

All you do is take, take, take
And I give, give, give
Till I can no more
My churning is slower than your taking

I am drying up
Listen to me, child!
I am drying up
My belly is quaking
My eyes are welling
My heart is burning
Listen! child,
Heed my warning

Stop Pushing!!!

If it is meant to be
It will happen
Stop explaining yourself incessantly
Silence works when words cease
Stop pushing!
And let the chips fall where they may.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Choose You

Why do you find it so hard to believe
That out of the crowd I Choose You
With your jovial countenance and unserious attitude
That I did?
I Choose You

Why must I keep reassuring you?
It is getting pretty tiring
Just accept it
Out of the crowd
I Choose You

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go to bed

Y'all, go to bed!
I will be counting the stars
They seem to want to say something

Will tell you what is revealed
But first, go to bed
While I decipher

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day of Possibilities

The likelihood of:
A smile on my lips
A song in my heart
A spring in my steps
Butterflies in my stomach
Love in my life
Supporting family
Caring friends
Cool weather
Fulfilling work
Peace on earth
Food to eat
Water to drink
Place to live
Someone to call my own
That day
A Day of Endless Possibilities

* I think it lacks something. I might be playing around with this. Enjoy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blame Me

We all play this game
Some more unwilling than others
It is the game we play when we are just short of lying---
---The ------ department did not provided that information on time---
---Kwesi and/or Esi did not get back to me on ------
---I asked for this by --- and --- did gave it me on -----
---The message was --- in getting to me---
Yada, yada, yada

It looks like I am posting more spoken word than written form. Enjoy it while you can, cos I can go completely off too. Hahahaha


It was a charade
I can't believe I kept up with it for this long
Just a question
Did it start like that
In the beginning, was it all a charade?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Dey?

At my worst, you are there
No nonsense from you
None whatsoever, you say
You don't listen to my tantrums
You won't give in to me,
No matter how much I sulk
You inspire me
When I push,
You are not moved
You koraa, what are you doing
You bring out the best in me
At my worst

At my best
You are not there
You are nowhere to be found
When I inspire others
When I light up people's eyes
I glow in the light of others' admiration
You are nowhere to be found
I am so tempted
Tempted to be at my worst
When I am at my best
Just so you can come around
Where you dey?

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Want

To see the bird swim
The fish fly

The dog mew
The cow bark

Babies walk
Adults crawl

You to call me
Not to pick up

All at once

See you smile
The glint in it

The rainbow turned
Inside out

Walk naked
No shame

Be there

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Assaulting my Sense

Burning; morning, afternoon, evening
Everywhere I pass
Can't avoid it
My clothes are reeked in it
My eyes are smarting
My nose cannot stand it; ask about my lungs
I can feel the thin blanket it has spread on me
Oh my, I'm suffocating 
I can't go home again
I am already late
My colleagues will have to bear with me
And I with myself
This is what happens if you happen to pass
Under the nim trees at Korle-Bu; morning, afternoon or evening

Sands of Time

Thought I'd buried it
Buried it all in the sands of time
Till the tides came in
And laid it all bare.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the eve of GF

It was the eve of Good Friday.

6:30pm:- Communion service at church.

7:08pm:- Still at work. 

7:20pm:- Hoping i don't miss the last supper service at church. 

7:25pm:- Started packing though the end-of-day process i started is not done. Oh no, just realized i wore pants/trousers to work today. I will need to detour home and change into a skirt. (The minister will not mind the pants/trousers but i wonder whether he will draw the line with taking the Communion wearing pants/trousers, even though, obviously, i am coming from work.) Anyway, not to cause any problems and also have some of the old folks taking me aside and giving me a talk about wearing pants/trousers to partake in the Holy Communion, i will go home and change. Oh my, i will be so late. Hope i don't miss the Communion.

7:32pm:- At the Korle-Bu station.No Chorkor, Korle-Bu, Shalom and Agege vehicles. Boi! what to do?  

I join the queue to Korle-Bu. "Thank you, Lord, a vehicle."

7:46pm:- I have never walked so fast. Finally, home! I ask my sister whether she was not coming to church, apparently she had a visitor.

7:50pm:- The slit behind the skirt had inched up ('ati'). Back home again; fortunately i was not far from home.

7:55pm: At the bus stop. No Agege bound vehicle passing by. Everyone at the bus stop is going to Agege. Wahala!!!

8:00pm:- I get on board a Methodist bound vehicle. The walk to church will be longer but i can't wait at the bus stop any longer.

8:05pm:- I get down at Methodist. After crossing the street and taking a few steps later, whack!!! The right sole of my wedge sandal was off!! Hmmmmm. When you want hurry, hurry no go come. Ok, don't panic. I calmly took off the sole and turned my attention to the left sole; I took that off with some difficulty. I now had a flat sandal.

8:20pm:- At church. The choristers are coming down for communion. I quickly move ahead of them. Held out my hands, one on top of the other, and received the Host. Hallelujah!!!

9:30pm:- Back home. My sister's visitor come up to me and says "Belated Merry Christmas." Yeah, thanks dude. My hand is not left empty. Money dey!!! I needed that.