Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Post

So this should have been the post that ended the year 2013, however laziness got the better of me. If you know me then you know i do not make resolutions for the new year and if you do not, well, now you know.

This does not feel like a new year to me. It is just another day that have a date that reads 1st January 2014, however since this is a new year, new beginnings and all that i end this post with this; if you are a Christian, this year will be full of things that will shaken the foundations of your faith yet full of peace of heart (peace in your heart), strive to be a practical Christian because it is through your actions and deeds that people will see the light that is so dim in this world, be more open about your faith despite attempts to subsume your beliefs in what is called fairness and equality. This year, i feel, is a testing, a continuum of what is already happening. Pray harder than you have before (I need to take my own advice, i have been slacking in the prayer department). Try hard not to be consumed by activities that you find yourself involved in in your church; the Lord knows your help is needed there but your salvation also needs to be worked at with fear and trembling.

If you are not a Christian, maybe it is about time you start searching why you should be. Things are coming full circle and i am almost done with my MSc. courses (submit final assignments in February 2014) then my thesis. My year seems to be half filled; I have a wedding to coordinate/organise (a friends's).

Happy New Year 2014 Images
hApPy NeW YeAr, my ever patient followers and readers (not yet follow? maybe you should). Two followers that always standout in my mind when i come to blogspot; Seye and Didi, God bless you greatly.

The best of this year everyone.