Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Realization of Coldness

Flinging an arm to the side, Kuuku is aroused by the shot of pain that run through his arm on hitting the bare floor. "Awwwwwww!", he whimpered.
Once again, he lay not on their bed. He was in the living room, laying on a sofa.
Standing up was a pain; his bones cracked as he straightened his six feet frame.
Settling on a couch, he checks the time on his phone; 4:47am.
He groans; his elbow rests on his knees and supporting his head in his hands, Kuuku thinks about how the turn of events in their home had him sleeping in the living room for almost a week now.
"Why can't she see I'm trying the best I can?"
"Who are we competing with?"
"Must she always have the last word?"
"What am I doing?", he wonders, recalling the conversation he had with Barima, his buddy.
Barima's voice drones out, "What about you? So far you have listed all the things that she is wrong about. You? what about you?"
"I admit I have been egging her on, fueling the flames of discord. I have not been forthright with her; losing the promotion, her cousin's advances, my health. I give her the roundabout when she asks what's wrong."
For a long time Kuuku is still. The sound of crickets filled the air; a distant bark from a dog; an engine starts up; the neighbourhood wakes up as dawn eases away.
Kuuku, all of a sudden gets up, grabs a pen and paper, and wrote; things that he had been itching to say, through the only way he knew how- poetry. He tears it up; writes another.
He slips the letter into an envelop, whispers a prayer and lays it on the mat by the door.
Kuuku grabs his car keys and off he went.
It is 7:51am.

She read.
Kuuku opens the door with a slight hesitation.
Mumsy lifts her head from the paper, looking up at him.
Uncertain, he just looks back.
She smiles, with stretched out arms.
"I am sorry, Kuus"
"I am sorry too, Mim. We have to talk. I will tell you, but first..."
He glides into her arms, holding up the package he went out to buy.
Mumsy could smell the tantalizing aroma of Hausa kooko and koose.

*Please read this post for better understanding
*At Myne and Nana Yaw: You asked and thus you receive. (smiling)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

When The Cold Gets In

Like any ordinary day; this day came with the sun shining through the blinds to wake Mumsy up.
Like all other days, she reluctantly allowed the sun rays to tease her out of bed.
Completing the usual routine of personal hygiene,
She picks her purse to get Hausa koko and koose.
"Kuu, do you want koko and koose?". Silence
"Kuuks?". Deafening silence
Mumsy realises she is alone.
Murmuring under her breath "Typical!, off to work on a weekend. One might think I scare him off"
Grabbing the door keys, she notices a note by the door. She recognises Kuuku's handwriting.
Tearing off the envelope, she reads;
I don't know how it started,
It has got to stop.

Before, you made my day brighter that it seemed.
My waking, and last thoughts were of you.

We wage a battle of wills,
With no victor in sight,
A cold war set in.

Loving you feels like a thing in my past,
A happy memory that I remember with fondness.

I can't remember who threw the gauntlet,
Because it does not matter.
I throw in the towel,
Holding up a white flag.

No more dog-fights,
Cease fire,
Cease fire.

*Hause koko: porridge made from milled millet and corn.
*Koose: usually an accompaniment of Hause kooko; it is a mix of millet and some spices made into paste and fried.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Envy You

Gal 1: I envy you oo.
Gal 2: (looks puzzled)

Gal 1: You have so many guy friends.
Gal 2: (smiling) What are you talking about? You have Esquire, Kwame, Hussien, Mikka, Ebo, Mel, Bojo, .... (voice trails off)

Gal 1: They are all exes.
Gal 2: Exactly!
Gal 1: (looks confused)
Gal 2: (looks pleased)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We call it cross-bolts
When you turn against us.
We aim and fire
Spiteful spits of hatred and malice.
Turn a blind eye to cause and effect.
We receive bullets of cravings and madness,
Hoping to achieve greatness in hunger.
You are starved,
Deceived into believing
I hold the keys to your heart.
That is okay.
You should know,
The keys actually open your mind.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Not Enough

Love conquers all,
Reveals all.

Where there is love
We are not reduced,
But consumed.

I love you.
You love me.

Our love is not enough.

@All: I am getting back. This is but a trickle. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mmm(clearing throat)

I am drawing blanks
In my mind.
So I am taking a hiatus
In hopes that my mind will get
A jolt of electric.
I can't say when
But I will be back.
Count on it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Want a Tsootsoo Train

Ghana has a railway. In Accra, a railway line runs between Letap Jewelery and Graphic Communications, and today, for the first time, I saw the train(maybe) that uses that line. I am sorry but I couldn't help but laugh. Laugh, that the train, that all cars on the road had to stop for, did not have coaches. It looked more like the front end of a train minus the coaches. It felt like a heavy duty truck on wheels running on tracks.

Ghana Railway Company Limited, I am not asking for a 'moon' train(though that will be nice), I would really like a 'tsoo tsoo' train please, pretty please? One that arouses joy and admiration from me instead of mirth.


*Tsoo tsoo:- the sound/hoot of the steam train

Monday, October 4, 2010

At First Sight

Did not believe in it,
Till it happened,
You happened.

Because you saw,

I am amazed by you.
Taken over by you.

I believe in
Love at first sight,
Happy-ever afters,
Gold at the end of rainbows,
Fairy godmothers,
Only when you are around.

Come to me.