Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Envy You

Gal 1: I envy you oo.
Gal 2: (looks puzzled)

Gal 1: You have so many guy friends.
Gal 2: (smiling) What are you talking about? You have Esquire, Kwame, Hussien, Mikka, Ebo, Mel, Bojo, .... (voice trails off)

Gal 1: They are all exes.
Gal 2: Exactly!
Gal 1: (looks confused)
Gal 2: (looks pleased)


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

She's pleased? She seemed genuinely to envy her opposite at first. Now she's one-upping?

Anonymous said...

Lolol, I imagine she looks smug instead of pleased. Like, "you've been round the block more times than I have" rofl.

Me likey. Who said ex lovers can't be friends after the breakup? Number 2 is doing, doing, doing it well ;)

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Too funny. Gal 2 knows the guys around her don't want a thing. She can tell Gal 1 has it going on cos her exes are still hanging around.

@ Daixy; ex lovers can, but should not be friends hanging out all the time. That would be like sitting on the reserves bench waiting for the coach to put you in the game. Sign with another team that will give you playing time instead. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol I was plying advocate there Mike. I'm friends with only one of my exes cuz it was a mutual decision to break up. He's a sweet friend but thankfully is in Canada so I haven't had to deal with any furtive glances :P

But you gotta admit, it takes a kind of woman to string her exes in a line like that and not be worried ;)

2cute4u said...

Tables turning..
So like irony and then sarcasm..

Tetekai said...

@Nana Yaw: Maybe it is something she has wanted to say for awhile; this was an opportunity to.

Tetekai said...

@Daizy: I think she was smug too, but she was also pleased she said that. Seems to be something she had wanted to say for a long time.

Tetekai said...

@Mike: She sure does. (wink*wink)

Tetekai said...

@2cute4u: :)