Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the eve of GF

It was the eve of Good Friday.

6:30pm:- Communion service at church.

7:08pm:- Still at work. 

7:20pm:- Hoping i don't miss the last supper service at church. 

7:25pm:- Started packing though the end-of-day process i started is not done. Oh no, just realized i wore pants/trousers to work today. I will need to detour home and change into a skirt. (The minister will not mind the pants/trousers but i wonder whether he will draw the line with taking the Communion wearing pants/trousers, even though, obviously, i am coming from work.) Anyway, not to cause any problems and also have some of the old folks taking me aside and giving me a talk about wearing pants/trousers to partake in the Holy Communion, i will go home and change. Oh my, i will be so late. Hope i don't miss the Communion.

7:32pm:- At the Korle-Bu station.No Chorkor, Korle-Bu, Shalom and Agege vehicles. Boi! what to do?  

I join the queue to Korle-Bu. "Thank you, Lord, a vehicle."

7:46pm:- I have never walked so fast. Finally, home! I ask my sister whether she was not coming to church, apparently she had a visitor.

7:50pm:- The slit behind the skirt had inched up ('ati'). Back home again; fortunately i was not far from home.

7:55pm: At the bus stop. No Agege bound vehicle passing by. Everyone at the bus stop is going to Agege. Wahala!!!

8:00pm:- I get on board a Methodist bound vehicle. The walk to church will be longer but i can't wait at the bus stop any longer.

8:05pm:- I get down at Methodist. After crossing the street and taking a few steps later, whack!!! The right sole of my wedge sandal was off!! Hmmmmm. When you want hurry, hurry no go come. Ok, don't panic. I calmly took off the sole and turned my attention to the left sole; I took that off with some difficulty. I now had a flat sandal.

8:20pm:- At church. The choristers are coming down for communion. I quickly move ahead of them. Held out my hands, one on top of the other, and received the Host. Hallelujah!!!

9:30pm:- Back home. My sister's visitor come up to me and says "Belated Merry Christmas." Yeah, thanks dude. My hand is not left empty. Money dey!!! I needed that.

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