Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 Months Into 2010

This is the last day of the month of March in the year 2010. I am reflecting on what I have accomplished in the first quarter of this year, and since I do not make any yearly resolutions, I do not really have  targets to compare what I have accomplished with. The most significant things I have accomplished are predominantly work related; I guess now I have a target for the next quarter: pay more attention to relationships and self without letting work suffer for it. 
So this is how it goes (1st Quarter Accomplishments)

  • Starting a new job
  • Creating documents on bespoke software
  • Helping out a friend with marketing her business
  • Mentoring
  • Starting this blog and actually posting (yippee)
  • Making new friends and renewing old ones.
  • Attempting and failing to hook others up, hooking up with others and self (will try harder)
  • Tempted to drop everything and go gallivanting anywhere (on my goodness, the urge is still there)
  • To be continued next quarter....
What have you accomplished? Making any resolutions or accomplished some of or all the resolutions you made? Do tell....

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