Monday, March 22, 2010

Work Against Integrity

 It is difficult to be a person of integrity when situations and people do make it close to impossible for you to be. This is an incident as told by a friend to me about what was happening to someone else my friend knows:
For the purpose of this account, I will call the person, Kojo.
 Kojo is a young man, married with a child. He works with an insurance company and though he is paid every month; the lodestone when working as an insurance agent is the commission that is got from a sale. Kojo has lobbied and finally hit it big when his contact in one of the ministries informed him about the opportunity to insure a fleet of vehicles. Kojo was able to successfully make the sale and the commission he was going to get on it is GHc 1900. Guess what? In the end, he is going to take home only GHc 400. Why? Because everyone wants a cut. From the audit to the friend who informed him about the cars; everyone in-between it taking a cut. Apparently, what is going on, which Kojo was not aware of, is that those who give approval for the insurance and those who make sure the check is issued out for the insurance have a cut in the commission of the sales agent. Therefore, what most sales agents do, which our man Kojo was not aware of, is to increase the commission on the insurance being given to the ministry in order that when they 'settle' the middle people, they will still have enough money as their commission. So Kojo, who thought he was doing the right thing by giving the right commission to the ministry, is in the end not going to get his rightly deserved commission because of side-liners. Oh Ghana, when oooo when? The next time what will happen:
  • Kojo will increase the commission he is to give on the insurance, in order to settle the side-liners.
  • Kojo's integrity is compromised
  • Some company somewhere will lose money, which it did not have to.
  • The insurance company will be known for the large commissions they give on their insurance. 

    We don't need such things in our country, but this is what is happening. People of integrity are short-lived in this 'wo didi wo biabiar wo ho', meaning literally, 'you chop where you are'.