Friday, March 12, 2010

I Got It All Wrong!!!

It all started when I overheard, (no, I wasn't eavesdropping), a colleague (A) at work telling another colleague (B) that he should not become a 'chrife'. I thought, "why not?". What is wrong about being 'chrife'. Colleague A is a Christian, so why was she telling colleague B not to be. Later, I asked another colleague, what is wrong about being a 'chrife'?, and that was when I was enlightened to its true meaning; a 'chrife' is someone who is a fake Christian. All this while, back in primary, JSS, SSS, college and until recently, I'd always thought a 'chrife' was someone who was 'on fire' for the Lord, but a fake Christian, oh my goodness!. I was dead wrong. This makes me wonder what other slang or cliché meanings I have wrong. 'J-weti' means Jehovah's witness, 'Two-two' means prostitute, 'supi' means homosexual partner, 'poss kaya' means someone who assumes authority which has not been given to the person, 'kokonsa' means gossip. These are the few slangs I can remember. I hope i got their meaning right.

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