Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day of Possibilities

The likelihood of:
A smile on my lips
A song in my heart
A spring in my steps
Butterflies in my stomach
Love in my life
Supporting family
Caring friends
Cool weather
Fulfilling work
Peace on earth
Food to eat
Water to drink
Place to live
Someone to call my own
That day
A Day of Endless Possibilities

* I think it lacks something. I might be playing around with this. Enjoy.


joker said...

A day of ass tapping!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Awww, is that not like the summary of the things we want from life? It's sweet.

Lyrix said...

@joker: that too @Nana: yes, all that and more. What joy if it is all realised in a day!