Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Imagine a dance,
Adowa*, if you will;
Maybe ballet, flamenco?
Imagine the carefully orchestrated movements,
Flexing muscles, balanced core, graceful, accentuated.
I can feel it
The dance,
The tune;
You, humming it under-breath,
Guilty; you've judged yourself.
I sense it.
Is your ogre of a boss around?
Are you scared?
Don't equate it to respect.
What did you do?
Own up!
How else will they know,
You are not okay; stark-raving mad.
Say it
Stop walking on eggshells.
Pricking like blunt pins,
Causing hurt without wounds.
Making me uneasy.

*Adowa:- A dance performed by the Akans in Ghana, West Africa.

This has been in drafts for far too long. Do you notice a change in the atmosphere in an office when the person in charge is around and when the person is not? It tells so much on the personality of the person at the place. Someone does something offensive and has already judged his or her action as guilty, but does not admit the offense; the person is not free to be their self when around you because of they are uncertain of what your reaction will be to the offense. There is always this sense of unease that you can't shake off; walking on eggshells, tiptoeing around. I am sure they will jump of their skin should you yell at them.


Alovelydai said...

YES!!!!!!!! Thank you sweetie (how kind of you)!!! Yes, this is how it is. This dance we play. Ok I know what to do!

Tetekai said...

You are welcome.

Shels said...