Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vodafone, Get Your Act Together!

So I finally decided to get a broadband service at home. Last week, I went to the Vodafone office at Accra Central and made payment for the service. I asked when the installation could be done and I was informed I should expect the technicians by the end of the week; payment was made on Tuesday. My dad postpones his trip to our hometown because of this.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and nobody comes. I call the office on Monday, after waiting close to ten minutes on the phone, and I am told my account was still being created; the customer service person said she will call me by the end of the day- end of day; nothing.

I call today and the customer service person who picked up called me by name after hearing my compliant that meant my compliant was logged and yet still I had heard nothing after 24 hours. The gentleman asks me to come around to the office again in order to have it sorted out. (Come on, Vodafone! I took time off to come make the payment; I have logged a compliant; now you want me to hold you to ransom in order to get a modem installed?!!! Aaaaba! Why?). I tell the gentleman that should I step foot in their office, I am coming for a refund, and I so totally mean it. He asks which office I made the payment and proceeds to give me the office numbers. So broadband I want for home, I have to chase you. Okay.

Of course there are options for me to choose form; MTN, Zain, Tigo, and Kasapa. I decided on Vodafone because we already use their land line and their office is closer home, but come on, just coming to install a modem too, so so wahala soooh, why? Today is exactly one week. Let's see what happens when I call their office. Here I am, thinking, Vodafone has taken over Ghana Telecom, and things will get better. Not so!

The good thing in this? - It inspired a post, and there are enough of those around.

Glo- you better come quickly ooo. My dad says he is not changing from Vodafone until you do. As for me, I will drop all my chips for you, sake of you are Africaba and all that. Just don't sell out.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Was thinking about broadband too. But one week is too long. It amazes me that your payment and complaint appear to have been lost in that office.

Anonymous said...

I hate vodafone with a passion lol. I have had nothing good from them. My internet is still so slow (even with an upgrade) that I can't have a decent skype chat. And yet the old system was better with less bandwidth :o You can check it out on my blog.

I feel for you, having to deal with their services. Getting them to talk to you on the phone is one thing, and as you can see, getting them to come deal with an issue is a whole new thing altogether. I wish you the best of luck LOL
Incoming shameless plug.



PS. Sorry, couldn't find the piece about the mango. I searched my files :(

Maya Mame said...

Glo is going to have so much business when they come to town! Everybody I know is ready to say goodbye to MTN and Vodafone for them.

As for getting broadband, it took me two weeks to get mine, after practically harassing them and from what I've been told, that is an extremely short time. Others have waited three months! The strange thing with Vodafone is that their employees are so friendly (the ones I have dealt with at least), you sometimes feel bad complaining...

After seeing Daixy's comment, I wonder, how many Ghana bloggers have written (complained) about Vodafone??? (here's mine: http://mayasearth.blogspot.com/2010/01/dear-vodafone.html)

Anonymous said...

Glo is going to have so much business, when politics decides to quit cock blocking them (pardon my language but I can't think of a better term at the moment)

Tetekai, welcome to the "I somewhat heart vodafone" club. You're going to want to kill them some days, and love them on others. And you're going to grow a couple of grey hairs. You have been warned lol

@ Maya, I really can't wait for Glo. Been so long since I was wined, dined and seduced out of my money ;)

Tetekai said...

@Nana Yaw: Oh, it is not lost o. The customer service person called me by name when i called the second time. They just don't care, after all, i have paid for something i don't have yet.

@Daixy: I thought it will be much easier to get the broadband since we use their land-line, instead of getting a another telecommunications company to set up another line. The slowness of their services as GT was legendary and hasn't changed as Vodafone. I read your post. Great info about the capping. Maybe we can start a facebook campaign to get them to remove the cap. They are robbing us and for lack of better alternatives, we have to make do and they know that.
I was looking forward to reading that poem. (:, but no problem. Maybe one day you might come across it. :)

@Maya Mame: I read your post. The employees are friendly. I don't get mad to them; they are just doing their job. Company strategy and all, if they are aiming at those who use the mobile line, they should concentrate on making it the best and stop putting their hands in all the pies as once.

@Maya & Daixy: As for Glo, everyone is just waiting for them to start rolling out their chips. I just hope they will be able to handle the massive number of customers they are going to get.

@All: My dad says he will go to the office today. It's see what comes out of it.r

Mz A said...

Funny enough they came to install mine pretty quickly! I think I made the request on a Saturday and they called me on Monday morning! I rescheduled to Wednesday so someone would be home.And they came first thing in the morning! They were even nice enough to spot a related fault and fixed it. They even refused the tip! (Well initially,we called them back later the same day because we couldn't figure something out and after that they accepted it)
My service is usually fassst. Almost never acts up! And when it did, once or twice, I went there and ,all I had to do is go pick someone up from there and voila solved.
So I'm pretty...not surprised...but bummed about all this: http://alawyerinheelsandanapron.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/did-you-miss-me.html?m=1 Smh.
They started so well...wimme at least