Monday, August 30, 2010


I travel an over-trod path,
Bringing to awareness the plight of the less fortunate.
My voice is the silent one
Among the rush of the cacophonous.
Where others shout;
I look on with seeming indifference,
And pour out muffled screams on my bed.

Quite an advocate, I am,
For the miniature things in life.
Picking up the peel of the banana I did not eat;
So you don't slip on it.
Reuse that plastic bag over and over again,
Trying not to print anything, if I can get away with it,
Leave my left-overs for a stray cat or dog,
Correct a child who speaks out of turn.

An advocate, I am
For the minuscule.
I pick my battles,
I fight them.
I win.


seye said...


Shels said...

i can relate...especially to d first part..i think i need to do more. tx for d reminder :)

Anonymous said...

Me likey.

Tetekai said...

@seye & Daixy: glad you love and like it.:)
@Shels: you are welcome. :)