Thursday, August 5, 2010

Complimenting Guys

When I get bored, I walk- a lot. I don't just walk; I set a target- by enticing myself with the thought of getting that delicious 'twins waakye' at Cocoa board or Daavi's cake bread (when I was Sunyani), 'tatale' at Agbado or just checking out the new shop I saw in my area- I go. Sometimes I drag along a friend, but most of the time, I end up taking the walk alone. I don't get to do much of this anymore since I started working (I know, I haven't blogged about when I got a job. Will that sometime). So I am about to start on my next favourite thing- complimenting strangers- guys, because I am a gal; not other gals (strangers) because most gals are often complimented- in fact, we expect it (okay, I do anyway). I do this because I love the reaction I see on their faces- priceless! Try this at your own peril.

FOR LADIES: Ladies, compliment guys you know also. They will love you the more for it. The compliment should be sincere and true.

This is for guys who read this blog or come across this post; should you be complimented by a stranger (yours truly), PLEASE use this as a guide, I beg. LOL

GUYS: Things to Do
When complimented by a lady, woman, gal (your choice), you:
  1. Give a broad smile or grin. Add a whoopee if you will (just kidding).
  2. Say Thank You when doing the above.
  3. Compliment back (only if it is a sincere compliment), unless you are tongue-tied, stoned (cough, cough) or dead (smile).
  4. Or my favourite; pretend you did not hear my compliment and go. I guarantee that you will be thinking about it; maybe? 
GUYS: Things NOT to Do
Do not:

  1. Look like you have never been complimented before (that might actually be true), but please don't act it.
  2. Attempt to take the compliment as a personal invitation to ask for my number (I will Mace you- just joking!)- I know, you are flattered, blaa, blaa, blaa- Don't ask for her digits.
  3. Follow the complimenter like a puppy- she already has one, is in the process of acquiring one, might acquire one, etc- but you are not that puppy. If you are, she will leave in no doubt about it.
Some of the don'ts have happened to me before. I hope I have adequately prepared you for me. LOL. Have a great day.


Myne Whitman said...

LOL...thats an idea.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

*cough cough*

Tetekai said...

@Myne: No trouble ooo.
@Mike: need a mint. :)