Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Mile

As the seasons turn, may your core values remain constant,
As time goes by, may you never loss sight of the One to whom you owe the most,
Desires, dreams, needs, wants,
They change.
Don't ever let disappointments influence your focus.
The mountain is big,
Your pickaxe is small,
Keep chipping away, a bit at a time
That is your purpose.
Do not faint; do not loss guard,
The road seems long and weary,
Keep at it.
Whatever your hands find doing,
Do it as if for God, not man.
HaPpY BiRThdaY, dear me.

Today is my birthday. So another year has gone by and I did not get around to learning how to drive. Still on the frame of things to do before the next milestone; learn how to drive. Oh, my age? I turned 26 today. Guess I should start searching for greys. I like grey hair. I will tell you when I discover one. Happy Birthday to me and God's purpose for me be accomplished by me before I expire. Amen.

* 3 DAYS
 I support 1 GOAL with zero goal for the opposing team. LOL..


Myne Whitman said...

Happy Birthday to you dear. Grey hair, lol, I doubt. May God's blessings continue to fulfill you. All the best and have fun!

lucci said...

Happy birthday girl, i've got two grey strands in my hair, think it's pretty cool...

You should get around to taking driving lessons, it's important. Took me a while too, totally worth it.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Happy birthday indeed. 26 years young ;)

I need to learn to drive too. I pray you keep on keeping on in God and everything will come to pass exactly as it should. Maybe your not meant to drive til your 30? Who knows?

Love the poem btw.

Shels said...

i like this a lot.

Happy Birthday!!

Lyrix said...

@All: Thanks for the b'day wishes. I am sad to announce that i found no grey hairs but i can always hope.