Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Mama Said Not To Play With

Orange, red flakes,
Sparkling bright,
Up, up, up,
So beautiful,
It calls to me,
My inmost being.

I know.
It calls to me,
My inmost being,
It's so pretty.
Mystical; even,
A touch, just a feel,
It calls to me.
I draw close,
I touch!

It burns...

*Inspired by the lyrics of a highlife song from Ghana. I think the group was Osibisa; I am not too sure about that. The lyrics I remember goes like:
 When you were a babe, your mama told you not to play with fire, aaaahh.
 (Fire will burn you, don't you play with fire, fire will burn you, didn't your mama tell you)


novisi said...

'fire would burn you!'.
that's osibisa for sure. love love love that band.

and your piece is just calls to me every line after line that i read. it's all inviting to the end when i get the 'Oooww'!!!

nice one.

Ms Afropolitan said...

Your poetry is always simple but powerful.

Lyrix said...

@novisi: glad you like it.
@Ms. Afropolitan: thank you.