Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here we go again.
My air is being invaded.

Usually moving about on two stands,
Two arms to swing with,
Likes to use one to hold on to a log of fire.
Huffing and puffing away.
A thin, curling fog comes out.
Unpleasant forced infusions in my air.

Modern versions of chimneys, they are.
Human chimneys, they remain.


novisi said...

fart into their 'air' too and make them inhale that one. tit-for-tat.

lucci said...

lol... fart you say, what way to go.

Not only are these human chimneys slowly eroding their lungs, we have to endure second hand damage.

Lets speak up_ hey pal, if you wanna smoke, don't do that around me.

Shels said...

yup, i like dis....personally i think smokers are selfish..massa, if u want to kill urself feel free..but dun kill me with ur second hand smoke...how about they consider being alcoholics instead...alcoholics who dun drive wen they r drunk :) i'm jus sayin..

Lyrix said...

@novisi: i hear you, bro.
@lucci: i do speak and when i can't, i cover my nose.
@Shels: selfish, addicted and totally disrespectful of the fact that they are sharing other peoples air.Alcoholics might kill us more quickly ooo. Maybe they should consider another addiction that kills only them, if that is what they are aiming for.