Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty Beau

Skillfully crafted and carefully molded.
Refined dark chocolate skin,
Strides gracefully stealth;
"Who is your prey?"
Burly arms and sturdy hands,
Broad shoulders, steady trunk of an oak tree,
Determined jawline and defined chin,
Cheek bones rising like ridges,
Trim hedged eyebrows,
Clear eyes sparkling black diamonds,
Perfect symmetrical nose,
Gorgeous full lips, slightly parted invitingly.
"How does it feel inside such magnificent architecture?"
"What do you feel?"


Jaycee said...

Hmmm...romantic poem?

Shels said...

one of those guys eh.
u left out .. 'firm tight butt'.lol

Lyrix said...

@Jaycee: A little bit of romance. I am trying to get to the person beneath the beauty after the description.
@Shels: Definitely one of those guys. Oh yes, the 'firm tight butt', how could i forget? lol.

lucci said...

lets hope he's egually a vision on the inside, with his chocolatey tight butt hehehe...