Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Curious Moment

Sitting next to this guy in trotro*
I saw something I had only heard about;
A guy with perfectly manicured nails,
And that is not strange,
Except for the shine from the clear nail polish he spotted. 

*trotro: commercial buses used in Ghana.


Mike said...

ouch! that hit close to home.
I've been told my finger nails reflect a more-than-normal amount of light. And that was waaaaay after I quit "touching them up" with that clear stuff. It was a deterrent cos I bite my nails.
Mes pieds are a different story though. LoL

Myne Whitman said...

Nail polish too? LOL..

Tetekai said...
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Tetekai said...

@Mike: If you are in Ghana, you should get some bitter leaves to rub your nails with. I guarantee you will not be tempted to bite them with that on. Yes mes pieds, well as long as i can't see them, i can't say much. lol.

@Myne: yes oo, nail polish. No wonder they are expensive to buy now. The competition is fierce. lol