Sunday, July 18, 2010

His - First Things First

I'd like to say you charmed me with...;
I know you want to hear,
...with your mind.

First things first.

I saw you before I met you.
Meandering your way through the crowd of guests,
Those endless looking legs displayed.
Though you had a smile perpetually fixed,
Your eyes told a different story.

I smelled you at at an arm's length.
I wonder why...

Heard your voice in conversation,
Polite tone of no nonsense,
Sweet with a hint of viciousness.
Melodious, enthralling;
Must have led many a man to their doom.

My drink,
On your dress?
Couldn't have planned it better myself.
That indeed was an accident.
Perfect opening.

We spoke.

You captured my mind,
But before all else,
You had my body.

**I laugh as I type the last two lines. It is true, ain't it?


Shels said...

haha..i laugh as i read the last two lines because that is indeed the truth.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Are the last two lines really true? Anyway, I like the tight control you had on the story. Sometimes employing poetry as the genre destroys a story. You did not, and I like that.