Thursday, July 15, 2010

Perspective- Her Version

Long, penetrative;
I saw it coming.
The purpose of your silence.

Random, baseless rows,
Accusations, perceived offenses.

No, late, forgotten rendezvous.
You have no time for me.
Oh, I knew what you were about.

Breaking news.
Don't waste time,
Tell me what is on your mind.

I will just have to call you out on it.
We are over!

***Please forgive me. I was not able to get a gal's point when a guy breaks up with her. It looks like most guys orchestrate a scene for the gal to call for a breakup. Oh! I just got an idea.

Day dreaming,
As usual, about you.
Can't wait tell we meet.

You called,
In the middle of Friday.
"Let's meet at after work."
You are coming over.
I mentally calculate
How long it will take me to get home,
Refresh myself,
Get your favorite things ready.
I can't wait to see you.

I feel good about this.
You said you had something to say.
I know.
I have something to say too.
My head in a swarm.

You are here.
You look good.
I, smiling like a kid with candy.

Unexpected words.
Say what?
A moment,
My heart needs to catch up with my head.
Twirling thought waves,
You want some space; to think us through.
To think us through,


Myne Whitman said...

Awww, she sure didn't expect that. It may not be the end of th road though

Anonymous said...

Sad, she never got to say her words.
His were too loud...