Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life Formula

Doing things the usual way
Brings known, repetitive, successful results.
This holds true for most things.
Consistency is the name;
Tried and tested is the ad campaign.
Measurable, quantifiable.
Add the element of chance and the game changes.
Sure, it is good to stick with a winning formula.
This only works in a lab.
Try the lab of life; experiment on repetitive, successful outcomes.
Oh, don't forget to add the elements of risk and chance.
See how your life formula turns out.
Risk and chance: Erratic, and never defined,
Of no fixed value, yet must be ever present in your equation.
Get a tried, tested and true formula for life,
And get back to me.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Interesting thoughts. I have been reading "Who moved my cheese" several times in the past month. Your words resonate brilliantly with me.

Tetekai said...

Wow!! Who moved by cheese? is the book the Databank Foundation Young Leaders Mentorship Programme is using for 2009/2010. I am a mentor in the programme and have been reading the book for the past year, granted i have read the book once before the programme started but i learn something new each time.