Friday, January 28, 2011

Growing Love

I could grow to love you, you know,
If I overlook you pitiful attempts to manipulate,
The constant waving of faults and slights like filthy rags in my face.

I know I said I love you too,
Well, I do, a teensy weensy little bitsy.
I had to say those words to help you along,
You seem to love saying them,
Though they are no longer uttered.
Why? Did I say it wrong?

I could grow to love you, you know.
If I ignore the fact that you don't see to care about your well-being.
Well, why the heck should I?!
You don't care about the concern I show.

Little tests,
Jabbing thrusts,
Watch where you aim, boyo,
You just might get scratched.

I could love you, you know.
Inspite it all


VenusSpeaks said...

"I could love you, you know..inspite it all"

Beautiful line :) Keep it coming :D

Tetekai said...

@VenusSpeaks: Will do and you keep commenting. Welcome
Thank you so much.

Kobina Saah said...

Beautiful piece!