Thursday, January 28, 2010

Randomize-First Post

So it is with great happiness that i write this. ok, ok, i am not writing a letter. I am just writing something as a first post. Will do better next time, i promise, and you can believe that promise because i don't usually promise things. I make my yes, a yes, and my no, a no. So believe me when i say, i promise (that is if i don't forget the password to my own blog, forgive. I won't forget). First post; i am 'supposed' to state the purpose to the blog, right?, naaah, i don't have a purpose. So i guess anything goes. Don't forget to comment and if your comment is bad, i assure you, i will delete it (freedom of speech, you say; well but it was bad. Okay, so i decide what stays and what goes). Welcome to me and i will catch up with u all later. And no that is not me, but i took the picture (total strangers, they are in Sunyani)

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Life in Kumasi said...

hey Aba! This is great! i will surely be keeping an eye on new posts as they come....keep me reminded to stay in touch...As with support for Haiti, how are you going about it? Currently I also double as the Regional Director for Ghana(SpanAfrica) an NGO with presence in about four African states.Since I know you love to do some development work check out to find out if interested!