Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Decision We Made

"Dry, sandy playground with patches of grass sprouting with no design, as their classmates played an assortment of games, three girls, about five or six years old, could be seen with their heads together forming a circle of sorts. Looking at them you would think they are hitching a plan to play a trick on someone; observe their expression and from the emotion that each had on her face you would know they were seriously discussing something. What could six year olds be discussing so solemnly?"

We have lost touch,Alberta and Cecilia, but I can still remember the pact we made in class one; we were never going to left Mathematics (Maths) defeat us. Through our years in primary  and junior secondary school, we never did; neither did any of the girls in the class. We three led the pack. How are you now, Alby and Naa? I still hold on to my end of the bargain; I never let Mathematics defeat me. What about you two?

* Decisions we make, when we are young, go a long way in determining what we become even when we do not know what the end result will be. I cannot remember who brought the whole idea about the pact but I@ remember it was our second week in class one (One Gold) and while on break we got into a conversation about the kind of lessons we will be having. Someone made mention about the fact that Mathematics is a difficult subject for girls. We stated emphatically that we will be the exception and indeed we were.


Jaycee said...

...And most times pacts like this shape our future (even unconsciously).

Tisha said...

this is the first time i am here

i think
like the pix in the next post.

i love lagos meen!

Lyrix said...

@Jaycee: True
@Tisha: Welcome and thank you. I will love to visit my country of birth sometime.