Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Other Woman

Mustn't fight, mustn't fight, ...
I refuse to fight her,
The Other Woman.
She wants to take it all
Why doesn't she just accept it?
The heart that used to be hers
Is now mine.
That no matter what,
She will hold a piece of your heart
That I can't take.

I refuse to fight her
Because I don't want you to choose
Maybe I am afraid that that piece she holds
Is stronger then the portion I have.
I don't want you to make a choice
Because I know it will break your heart.
But ultimately,
I love you too much to let you choose.


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I thought this started strong; that the Persona was nonplussed. But I as I read on, I saw a lot of fear. I like the way it unravelled. "I love you too much to let you choose" is powerful and paradoxical.

Lyrix said...

Glad you like it.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

I like that route.
No fights, & no push to choose.
The bigger person does that.


Lyrix said...

@Mike: That is true.

Shels said...

i really like this. me, i am always saying 'exes are a problem'..ahba!

if it was me, i'd probably hold on for awhile, but then let him go chale, cos if he cant get over his ex, then he is wasting my time.

The exes dat annoy me d most r d ones hu break up wit ppl n yet cant let dem go so dat they can move on to other thns chale..always in their face, txt, calls, ei Mr/Madam why? ahba! loool

Tetekai said...

@Shels: you are so right about the exes. ahba, what gives? lol