Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopping List

My neighbour has a wife and two kids
His younger brother is not married, no kids and has a shopping list
My neighbour is worried about his brother
Their uncle died with no kids
This neighbour's brother has a degree, no girlfriends
My neighbour is worried that his brother will became like their uncle;
Wifeless, childless, DEAD.
My neighbour makes his brother understand his fears
And abruptly the fear of the family
So neighbour's brother gives neighbour his shopping list
'She should be a graduate,
Must not like going out,
Along with all the qualities one wants in a wife.'
So anyone care to apply?

** I am sort of making fun of this because when my sister told me about our neighbour looking for a wife for his brother, I made the joke about shopping lists and then she dropped the bombshell, the guy did have a shopping list. So do I. What about you?

1 comment:

lucci said...

Lol, i find this hilarious.
Good luck with the list, now they just have to find the right supermarket.