Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Day In Your Shoes

What will it be like,
To wear your shoes for a day?
Are they nice comfy Converse,
Killer heels, Loake, boots, flip flops?

A day in your shoes,
Will you have a good day?
Happy, carefree, pretense,
Salt, sloth, sleuth.

How will it smell like?,
Your shoes.
Like feet, death,
Aromatic, odourless.

Should we switch shoes,
Will it be a perfect fit,
Just right,

A day in your shoes;
Heaven or hell?


seye said...

Hahahahaha! I liked this one! Wanna try my own shoes? You'd probably steal them.

Tetekai said...

Hahahaha. Lol @ the steal

lucci said...

lol nice one, but if you were in my shoes today, i doubt you'll ever try it on again, i'm beat, really tired.

Tetekai said...

Gaaaaal, then give your feet a rest. Let me in your shoes. lol