Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foundling Father?

Your promise of a better tomorrow
Is today's sorrow.
Remember what your started,
What you completed,
What you scattered.
Promises of a brighter future,
With you at the helm.

You set if off,
Became more and more confusing,
You set yourself apart
And lost touch with the masses
You swore to protect.
No longer ours, you were,
Everyone's, you were.
Our envy knew no bounds.
Dreams were no longer ours,
We lost touch with your dreams, our dreams.
Away with you!

So when you begged to come back,
We laughed at you,
And mocked you.
Not knowing we were dancing,
To a tune no longer yours.
A different sound
Belonging to other puppet masters,
Who expose you as a grand puppeteer,
Hiding the swings to which we dance.

So at this point of no return
We reminisce what we lost.
The people we are,
The person we lost.
We imagine the future as you envisioned
And go forward in many directions,
Looking back


prettykay said...

I like...... we did not cherish him when he was alive, now dat he's dead he's our hero... Ghanaian nature
Great piece

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

We trust others more than each other and that is still hurting us.

Tetekai said...

We don't have to do Sankofa when we continuously examine ourselves as a people and a nation.



Tetekai said...

@Mike: Yes and we are not taking lessons from the past.

Anonymous said...

The Question is, Will we ever learn? :(

gamelmag said...

Wow! A complete history lesson aptly captured in words so few!Thanks for this.

Tetekai said...

@Daixy: What can we do but hope.

Tetekai said...

@Gameli: you are welcome

Anonymous said...

Effect change!!! LOL.