Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your Invitation

I went off,
Walkways, highways,
Shops, stalls,
Homes, houses.
I say to everyone, Come.
Come with me.
Visit my home,
There is a huge spread for everyone.
Everything and anything imagined,
Come, eat your fill.
Come, it is at no cost to you.

Excitement, doubt, excuses;
Attire was not appropriate,
They had guests over,
Had prior engagements.
They promised to make it the next time.
What if there isn't a next time?

Those who came
Comforted me.
Joy, laughter, songs.
My heart is bursting.
Welcome to my abound,
Set your burdens aside,
Take off you what you have, owe.
JC has prepared places for you.
Your garments are ready.
No need for alterations,
They fit perfectly.
You have accomplished your purpose.
Your reward is ready.

This is a continuation from here. I sometimes refer to Jesus Christ as JC .

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