Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reminisces- Intro & 3 and 4 Years Old

I have not done a series before, so I am going to start one. I am going to keep it 'safe' by starting with earliest memories from childhood to the university; happenings that I recall. Some may be silly, insignificant, thought-provoking, obstinate, cruel, funny, but  all true. They happened to me or I did them and I will share with you every Monday or Wednesday (just so you check my blog on those days. :)).

At 3 Years to 4 Years
We came back to Ghana when I was four years old; that is what I am told. My dad was a lecturer in a school in Ogun State, Nigeria. I don't know the reason for our return and before you ask, no, I can't recall anything about my birth or life in Nigeria.

My earliest memory was crossing the street with my mum to attend creche.

I also remember my cousin, Auntie Lizzy, going around exclaiming to everyone that I had spoken Fante (a local dialect in Ghana). She had just arrived from my mum's hometown and was sitting on the porch outside; I remember playing in the sand beside her then getting up and saying, "Auntie Lizzy, me nan kro yi me yao" (meaning; Auntie Lizzy, my leg hurts); I had a boil on my leg, which was oozing.

In kindergarten one (KG1), a teacher hitting the back of my hand with a cane whenever I write on the chalkboard with my left hand. (I now write with my right hand and do everything else with my left hand). My mother telling a neighbour that I had to spend another year at KG1 because the teachers thought I was too quiet and shy. (I wasn't quiet, just always in deep thought. But it was all good because I resolved right then to start being more vocal. They should see me now. I can talk and keep quiet all at once. :))

A teacher asked me to bring my mum to the school in KG2 because I questioned her telling me to bring toilet tissue to school; reason being, I do not use the lavatory in the school, so why did I need to bring toilet tissue? I did bring my mum (after I told her what happened and what I thought), but I don't recall ever bringing that tissue; maybe my mum gave my teacher money to buy it. :)

Next week: Class One and Why Was I Not The Teacher's Pet?


2cute4u said...

Great going!
You're carrying the narrating as well as is expected..

Tetekai said...

Thanks cutie. :) @ 2cute4u

Myne Whitman said...

You have a great memory, I don't remember much of those years except stories I was told..

Tetekai said...

@Myne: I sometimes doubt it myself, but it is vivid and a remembrance.