Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gal-in-the-Cupboard at 5 Toniolies

5Toniolies was great. I had discovered romance novels during the last term in 4 Alpha. I came across two Mills & Boons books in my dad's bookshelf (I had read all the other novels he had). I wanted more. I got more. I started exchanging books with students in higher grades. I started saving some of my allowance to buy books to read and of course, exchange. I remember closing from school and roaming around the doctor's flats at Korle-Bu to buy ice cream, which we had dabbed 'Gummy Bears' after the cartoon because of the colour. (5Selomey was the other class)

I 'locked' my classmate in the cupboard for the class. Please before you go judging me, she deserved it. Our class teacher asked me to write names of those who talk in class when she is away. After writing for awhile, I decided to give it to AK to write the names because I had a book I wanted to finish. I don't know at what point I spoke to someone but she wrote my name and I was given a beating by the class teacher when she came back. Our teacher said she was disappointed in me and that I was a culprit when I had been asked to be the police. I confronted AK during lunch break and asked her who I spoke with; she named someone who wasn't in the list she wrote. I asked her why she did not include that person's name on the list. She gave me a rather silly answer, which got me all 'mad'. The school does not allow for fights, and I did not want my anger to get the better of me, so I held her by the collar of her uniform and pushed her into the cupboard for our books in the classroom, closed the door and leaned against it. After she had pushed for sometime, she gave up and after waiting for a few moments, I stopped leaning against the cupboard, went out for lunch and came back in good time before the bell rung for break-over. AK had still not come out. I must say I did not really notice until someone asked where she was. I saw her come out of the cupboard; suddenly my heart started pounding. I was scared she will tell on me to our teacher, but she held her tongue. We are still friends by the way even though the last time I came in contact with her was when I accepted her facebook invite.

I was an early developer physically and was taller than the guys in the class; any guy who picks a fight with me is invited to meet me at the Indafa Park after school so we could settle scores. (I was a streetfighter! Ah!, just kidding). Somehow, the guys I pick fights with never make it to the park (if only they knew how much I prayed that they will not make good on the challenge I threw to them! All made from sheer bravado)

Next week: P.E at 6Jupiters 


♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

hahahhaa what a school life you led!!! im sure your friend was so petrified as to what you would do next if she told the teacher that she was speechless!!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Interesting young life. When did you take the time to smell the roses, literally? ;-)

2cute4u said...

Wow! That was quite an experience! You sure taught her good lesson.
Good story.
I enjoyed reading it..

Tetekai said...

@♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥: That is true, but she made as if she was going to the teacher's desk. :)

Tetekai said...

@Nana Yaw: Everyday, Nana, everyday; you see, I had to go through the bushes in Korle-bu to get to school(Now, Korle-bu is fenced and the bushes have been cleared to build apartments for the doctors). I saw the wee dealers and knew some of them.

Tetekai said...

@2cute4u: I sure did. :)
I am glad you enjoyed this.