Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Love You By Force

Guy walks up to a gal standing next to a gutter.

Guy: I have been observing you for quite sometime and I just want to say that I love you.
Gal: (looks up at guy; surprised) What?! (she exclaimed)
Guy: I love you and I want to marry you.
Gal: Ask my Dad (pointing at an elderly man sitting on a chair outside the house; all the while thinking; 'this guy is not serious kraaaa, How can you just walk up to me and say you love me and want to marry me This guy has been watching too many telenovelas')
Guy: I am not joking. I will tell you Dad.
Gal: (thinks; 'How disrespectful can you be? The gall!, tell my dad!') Please don't.
Guy: Why? Are you dating someone?
Gal: Yes, I am.
Guy: That does not matter; too much fish does not spoil the broth. After all, you ain't married to the guy.
Gal: I am not interested; thank you (then walks away)

Guy stands there for a few minutes and goes to sit in his car. He later beckons the gal to come to him. Gal takes her time to finish washing her hands and walks up to guy in car.

Guy: Can I have your number?
Gal: No
Guy: Why not?
Gal: Remind me to give it to you the next time we meet.(but thinking; No way, man!, I don't want you stalking my phone) Bye.

This actually happened to me; though we spoke in Fanti (a Ghanaian dialect). I haven't seen the guy since then and if I do, I bet I won't recognise him.Has this ever happened to you before or have you done this before ?


Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!! Reminds me of a time I had to pull over in my area to answer my phone(like a proper driver should: back then I drove like a human being lol). A car full of guys pulled up behind me and one brother walked up to my window to DEMAND (the cheek of it) my number. Totally ignoring the fact that I was in the middle of a poorly connected call, he did not seem amused when I told him I was busy and not interested in letting him have my digits. Then the asswipe asked me where I lived.

Girl, would you believe that they followed me to a petrol station at Haatso? Watched me get gas, and then followed me inside to the shop? They weren't ashamed when the station attendants asked them why they were bothering me and attempted to follow me to work!

This year, a well-dressed man accosted me outside of the GBC building, also demanding my number. He wouldn't take no for an answer and his bossy attitude annoyed me. He said, "I admire you. Let me have your number" Uh..."Hell no?" Both stories have funny endings that are too long to post here. So I'll holla @ you with the deets rofl.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

You were way too nice to him in the first place, don't you think?

Tetekai said...

@Daixy: I'd like to hear the fully details. :)

Tetekai said...

@Nana Yaw: You think so? I will do better. :)