Sunday, May 22, 2011

Itsdelta's Trapped In Defiance; Fleeing From Conformity

This is from Delta, the author of this blog I started following. I read this post from her that confirms observations I have made about the feminism movement and like her, my past rejection about the label. Being a feminist is not a bad word.
Delta echoes my sentiments on feminism. Please take time and read her post.

Extracts from the post :
"By wearing the label of feminist, it appears ours is a task of fleeing from conformity but in our flight we are incarcerated by our defiance."

"Where then is this freedom we are clamoring for? While we refuse to be defined in terms of blackness, we automatically find that our deviation is itself a cage in which we have to ‘conform’ to certain concepts."

"I have found out that my brand of feminism does not preoccupy itself with fighting men, man-made institutions, customs, rituals and traditions."

The link to the post :


kitkat said...

i dnt know why people jst have this mean stereotypes about feminists. Not all feminists are sword brandishing, men haters. I am a proud feminist! I approve of anything to uplift my gender

Tetekai said...

I am smiling at the image of a sword-brandishing, man-hating female.