Saturday, April 12, 2014

Out of the Cobweb Cos of Blogcamp2014

Last night i sent a tweet to +Maame Aba Daisie about what to wear to BlogCamp2014. She responded by directing me to this post. It did not help much with specific suggestions so i had to come up with something or several things. They were:

No this dress is for church tomorrow.
So for breakfast, i chose soursop with moringa. Yummy

 I decided to try a new soap today. Nice

 I took my extension that had been packed up of seven years after my undergrad
In the end i looked like


seye said...

Didn't they say pack light. What was the extension for? :D

Maame Aba Daisie said...

SMH. If you're going to ask anyone for fashion advice why pick the socially awkward girlfriend? You still looked good btw. :P

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...


Aba T said...

@seye:free wi-fi, thus tablet was going full function till event was over. Plus my phone to use will tablet charges. There were huge extensions provided but not to individual seats.

@Maame: did u say awkward.? Shd i prepare a post titled 'My Socially Awkward Galfriend' full of photos of you from ur instagram account?

@Nana: laugh again o

Maame Aba Daisie said...

@Tetekai I dare you lol. Just cuz i have instagram photos doesn't mean I'm not socially awkward. Have you paid attention to my demeanour around real people?