Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It’s a game.
The one who can out think the other, wins.
But I know your moves.
And you know mine.
So what is the outcome of this game?
Since you know the game I play,
And I know the game you play.
Can’t we’ll lay our cards on the table?
Peel all the layers away
Reveal the bud within the flower

It is a game we all play
And with eyes wide open, do we play
Each to the own, thinking “I have the best manoeuvres”
But your manoeuvres are mine and mine, yours.
Every move or trick you can dream of
Is already played out in my mind
We all equally matched
We refuse to call it quits
We put our cards on the table
But …………..
Unexpected …………
Something is hidden
Hidden …………………
It will decide the outcome of this game
You know, I know
What is this thing?
Where is it?
Hidden …………..
By me?
By you?
Anyone’s guess
The moves are bared
But not all is revealed
I shy away, you shy away
There is no winner to this endless game
Does that make you dumb and me dumber?
Or does is it rather the other way round?

*I wrote this in my third year in university, and got it published in my year group's handbook when we graduated. Nice!!!

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