Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Love With Yourself

I can't help but wonder
If you are not in love
Your swagger?
A little ding here and there
Your outfit?
The edges could be used as a rule,
Straight and spotless
Your footwear?
Reflective, like mirrors
Your picture?
You have two fingers balancing your chin
Your expression?
Perfectly epitome of 'I know I'm fine'
Your speech?
Deliberate and cultivated
So help me decide
Are you in love with yourself?
You are just full of **it?


Shels said...

oh hahaha..i kno wat u mean.. sometimes i jus shake my head.

Lyrix said...

yes oo Shels. I just ignore them.

Anonymous said...

i love this piece, good to know what u r up 2 daily. bigsis!

Lyrix said...

@Anon: now, i am lost. ID yourself, please.