Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Race, No Winners or Losers!

In this race, the one who arrives first is not the winner
Neither is the one who finished last, the loser
The one who endured till the end was not crowned for patience
The one who rushed in might get discouraged
Those who stopped seeking might never find;
Some will settle for less
There remains, those who never sought, yet found; who had given up on all but hope.
In this race, define who you are:
Game? Hunter?
Friend? Foe?
Lover? Fighter?
Found? Lost?
Seeker? Sojourner?


Jaycee said...

It's never about who gets there's about the journey. And yeah, the identity. Lovely poem.

Myne Whitman said...

Nice piece and well written too.. Definition is always good.

lucci said...

I'm loving the way your mind works.Good job.

Lyrix said...

@All: Thanks so much. Your words are very encouraging and inspire me to write more.
@lucci: I love the way your mind works too.

Shels said...

chale! :)