Thursday, May 20, 2010


"AaaahH! that's good", looking around, hands on hips and nodding.
Smile of satisfaction, infusing eyes with translucent light
A deep sign
Hands held high and stretching the body.
There is a reason for this
Why we take pleasure in little things
Crafted in His image
Filled with His emotions and delights too?
I'd like to imagine
That He did the first four lines after creation
It was all good

* Does it help to say I started this a few minutes before I had lunch and continued afterwards? Explains the start but not the finish, right? I got thinking about how I enjoy small seemingly insignificant things. Sometimes we need to stop and take a few things in; like enjoying the taste of food in your mouth and wonder of a full stomach. Appreciate...


Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Most certainly!
We get a series of things consistently each day & eventually take it for-granted then naturally expect it each day like clockwork. Totally forgetting each second and what happens within it is a blessing.


Jaycee said...

Without the explanation of the pauses I'd just like to say that this inspires me to be more poetic. I like reading inbetween the lines.

Lyrix said...

@Mike: Yes oo
@Jaycee: Sorry about the pauses, my poems normally end differently from what i envision. Did leave much to read between the lines, did i? By all means, please be more poetic.